Friday, September 14, 2012

My Experience at the 2012 Republican National Convention as an Alternate Delegate for Ron Paul

RACHEL BOLCH THACH | September 14, 2012

My mood on the first day of the convention could be best described as elated. I was well equipped to take on reporters, having spent the last few months researching unlawful
bills, keeping up with the news and reading books pertaining to all the varying aspects of politics. I hopped onto the bus with a few other Ron Paul supporters, sat down and pulled out Ron Paul’s book, THE REVOLUTION: A Manifesto, to re-read on the way to the convention. While on the bus, I was receiving text message updates about the RNC from my father, who was watching live coverage of the RNC on FOX news. He told me that Ron Paul would be interviewed by Neil Cavuto at 4pm, so I was eagerly awaiting the opportunity to express my deepest support, by cheering for the man who changed my life in such a beautiful way.

When the convention center was within our sights, the people on the bus began to cheer with excitement. I put my book down, glanced at my husband, wide-eyed, and then at the building – we were finally here. I saw peaceful protesters, cops on horses, cops on segues, cops in SUV’s, countless cops, soldiers and sheriffs’ on the ground. I also saw helicopters in the air and swat trucks in different areas around the convention center. I remember wondering why they found this vast amount of security necessary, and how much it would cost the taxpayers. After a few minutes, I realized that we were circling the convention center over and over! Someone asked the bus driver if we could just get off and walk, but he didn’t respond.

My father texted me, saying that the crowd was cheering enthusiastically for Ron Paul as he entered the convention floor as we drove even further away from the building. I was upset and confused as to why we were not let off and not getting any answers. About thirty minutes passed by when we finally entered the lot – after Ron Paul had already left. Suddenly it became clear why the director of the RNC stressed to us that we should not get a rental car – they wanted to be able to control who got to the RNC and when. That is not the only reason I came to this particular conclusion. The same man specifically said that he had already scoped out the area around the convention center, and that there wouldn’t be parking for miles, and that you wouldn’t be able to get a cab – there was parking a block from the place and cabs everywhere!

The security getting into the RNC consisted of TSA agents with body scanners and metal detectors. After clearing through security, we finally entered the RNC. Walking around the place, taking in my surroundings, I noticed lots of Romney/Ryan gear, including a whole store all about them and murals of them on the walls. On this first day I did three interviews, two verbal and one on camera – all of them were with international reporters. Unfortunately, with all the excitement, I didn’t get their cards, nor did they get my name! All I got was this picture.


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