Friday, September 14, 2012

My Experience at the 2012 RNC as an Alternate Delegate for Ron Paul - Part 2

I’m sure that by now you have heard about the rule changes, unseating of rightfully elected delegates and the unfair rulings by the RNC chairman so I will just tell you about
my experience. There was a certain point when we all realized that the convention was a total sham. The neoconservatives loved it and the Ron Paul supporters were baffled with the unfair rulings. Later, as the states announced their preselected delegate counts, the Romney supporter beside me proceeded to laugh in my face. After a while I had to get up and walk towards the friendlier Ron Paul delegates in order to avoid the immature ridicule coming from the neocons. After Romney was given the nomination, I walked out to see if I could find a reporter to give my opinion about the absurdities that I witnessed, with no success. A lady came up to me and asked me if I was working at the convention. I said no and she said, “Well you kind of are working, you’re a delegate, right?” I said yes and she saw my Ron Paul button on my hat, quickly changed her expression and said, “Oh you’re a Ron Paul…” and walked away. My husband and I looked at each other, stunned. I really thought that these were going to be classy, conservative and humble people, but boy was I wrong. After speaking with some fellow Ron Paul delegates, we decided to leave the convention for the day. The treatment of Ron Paul and his delegates on this day was disrespectful, ruthless and unfair; worst of all, it also seemed to be business as usual in the unfamiliar game of politics.

We were able to hitch a ride back to the hotel with a bunch of Ron Paul supporters from Texas. One of them was close to Ron and Carol Paul, having worked on his campaign since 2008. On the way to the hotel she shared tear jerking stories about her experience with Ron and Carol. By the time we arrived at the hotel I was feeling depressed, not because of my own treatment, but rather, because of the RNC’s treatment of my hero. Then I got online and saw the news about Ron Paul and his family being detained and harassed by the TSA after leaving the RNC. I could not believe what I was reading. My heart grew so heavy that I began to weep. I was not even sure if I wanted to go to the convention the next day.

On the second day of the convention, I woke up feeling down, but I was ready to make the best out of the day. I was also feeling a little uplifted knowing that I would be able to watch the tribute that the RNC planned for Ron Paul and was less excited to hear Rand Paul’s speech. This time, we took a rental car to the convention, and were able to find parking a block away. As we walked to the convention center, we passed the same excessive amount of security and protesters. I entered the convention center, parted ways with my husband and went to my delegation, as the tribute was a few minutes away. When the tribute came on the crowd cheered passionately. It was very short and vague. The phrase, “too little too late” encapsulates my thoughts on the RNC’s horrendous attempt at enticing Ron Paul supporters! This “tribute” was but a sham! All of the Ron Paul delegates, alternates and guests that I spoke to were, like me, completely alienated by the whole debacle that was the RNC.


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