Tuesday, June 19, 2012

Ron Paul To Host Pre-GOP Convention Event

CBS NEWS | Leigh Ann Caldwell | June 19, 2012
Republican presidential candidate Ron Paul, who has conceded that he will not win enough delegates to garner the Republican nomination but has not dropped out of the
race, will hold his own event on August 26 in Tampa, the day before the Republican National Convention begins.

Paul's communications director Jesse Benton told Hotsheet that the Texas congressman's public event will "celebrate our delegates" and feature "Liberty minded Republican speakers."

Paul will attend the convention with an army of loyal delegates. Although Paul has stopped campaigning, he continues to rack up delegates in states around the country. Most recently, he won a majority of delegates in Iowa. He also won a majority of delegates in Nevada and Maine - all states he did not win during the caucuses or elections.

The Paul campaign is urging order and respect at the convention, instead of disrupting proceedings to ensure Paul receives sufficient recognition.

Benton said Paul's event will be the only pre-convention event he will attend. His supporters have organized a three-day Paul Festival complete with "Liberty bands" and speakers from August 24 - 26.

Also, during the three days before the convention in Tampa, the Freedom Festival 2010 will be held at a venue between Orlando and Tampa. Libertarian presidential nominee Gary Johnson will speak at that event.

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