Wednesday, June 20, 2012

Ron Paul Appearance on MSNBC's Morning Joe

RON PAUL U.S.A. | June 20, 2012
After what felt like an eternity in hiding, Ron Paul is back in front of the cameras where he should be, promoting his message of freedom and liberty. This morning, he stopped
to chat with the folks at Morning Joe, to discuss various issues and help clear the air on his strategy going forward.

Once again, Dr. Paul clarified the point that he is not ready to endorse Mitt Romney. I think this is a huge relief for many of us, who took the Rand Paul endorsement of Romney as a sign that his father would soon do the same. Knowing that Dr. Paul does not intend to make that same mistake is a breathe for fresh air and literally energizes his supporters to continue the fight.


  1. All this hoopla about Rand's empty-hearted endorsement. We seem to be choosing to ignore the fact that several of Romney's relatives have endorsed Ron Paul. Not only endorsed him, but a couple have gone so far as to join the campaign (via phone banking, sign waving, etc)

  2. I personally do not think that Morning Joe is worth watching when Joe Scarborough isn't there.