Friday, June 1, 2012

Ron Paul Supporters Keep Up Fight At State GOP Convention

THE SEATTLE TIMES | Jim Brunner | June 1, 2012
Thousands of Republicans are meeting Friday at Tacoma's convention center to pick delegates for the Republican National Convention this summer.

And although former Massachusetts Gov. Mitt Romney recently clinched the Republican presidential nomination with a victory in Texas, don't tell that to supporters of Texas Congressman Ron Paul.

One of Romney's sons, Josh Romney, was greeted with boos by Paul supporters when he spoke to the convention Friday morning. Josh Romney cited the latest dismal unemployment report as evidence "we cannot afford four more years of President Obama."

Paul supporters also booed other speakers who suggested it was time for the party to unite behind Romney as the nominee to ensure Obama's defeat.

Matt Dubin, a Paul organizer, told the Tacoma crowd that despite media reports the GOP presidential race was not over until delegates officially picked the nominee at the national convention in Tampa.

Dubin urged the Republicans to "take a look around" at the Paul delegates in the crowd. "They are the future of our party and they are not going to go away."

Dubin drew boisterous cheers from the Paul supporters when he indirectly questioned Romney's conservative credentials on issues from abortion to health care and gun rights.

"Do you want to send a delegation to Tampa that will give the nominee a blank slate... or hold his feet to the fire?" Dubin said.

The election of the 40 up-for-grabs national delegates was set to start Friday afternoon and wrap up Saturday. Three other national delegate slots will go to state GOP Chairman Kirby Wilbur and two other top party leaders.

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