Saturday, June 2, 2012

Ron Paul Campaign Claims Supporters Assaulted At Louisiana GOP Convention

HUFFINGTON POST | Jon Ward | June 2, 2012
Ron Paul's campaign accused security officials at Saturday's state GOP convention in Louisiana of assaulting some of their supporters, resulting in one suffering a dislocated prosthetic hip and another having some of his fingers broken.

Paul, a Texas a representative who is retiring from the House after this year, decided in mid-May to pare back his presidential campaign and to no longer compete in primaries
or caucuses that had not yet taken place. But he encouraged his supporters to continue to compete for delegate spots to the Republican national convention in August, and the events in Louisiana are the latest evidence that they are doing so with a passion.

A site called has posted remarkable video of what is apparently a Ron Paul supporter being removed by police from the state convention.

The site says the man arrested was "Alex Helwig, Ron Paul Rules Chairman, who was elected legitimately by the majority delegation."

Following Helwig's removal, nearly all of the delegates in the room vote by voice to turn away from the podium at the front of the room, reposition their chairs, and sit en masse facing the opposite direction. It's not clear from the video whether this is only an act of defiance or whether they intended to continue their own proceedings in the same room under the direction of a different chairman or chairwoman.

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