Thursday, May 10, 2012

Ron Paul To Speak At Minnesota GOP Convention

STAR TRIBUNE | May 10, 2012
(MINNESOTA)  Republican presidential candidate Ron Paul will address the Minnesota Republican convention in St. Cloud May 18, the party announced Wednesday.

Four years ago, the Texas congressman was not permitted to address the state convention. This time around he is being welcomed to the stage.

"Having the congressman speak will highlight our common Republican purpose of restoring limited government and individual liberty by electing Republican candidates who believe in those core party principles," Republican chairman Pat Shortridge said. "It will also establish the Republican Party as the growing party that is welcoming new people and new ideas and preparing to be a long-term, conservative governing majority."

In addition to earning 20 of the 24 delegates to the national convention already selected in Minnesota, Paul also is thought to have at least 40 percent of the delegates to the state convention.

He is the only remaining challenger to Mitt Romney for the GOP nomination.

Those state delegates could help him earn more might among the Republican National Convention attendees and may give a significant boost to U.S. Senate candidate Kurt Bills, who has Paul's personal endorsement as well as support from a large group of Republican state lawmakers.

Paul will address the state convention on its opening day on Friday, May 18.

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