Thursday, May 10, 2012

Gary Johnson Discusses His Campaign And Makes Pitch To Ron Paul Supporters

RON PAUL U.S.A. | May 10, 2012
We asked our fans a question earlier this week and received a wide variety of answers. The question was, "Should Ron Paul Supporters back the Libertarian candidate if Ron
Paul does not win the GOP and does not run as a 3rd party candidate?"

Across the board, supporters were clear on a one specific point, which was that they will never vote for Obama or Romney, period.  However, beyond that, there was no clear consensus on the other options available.  Plenty of people said they would write in Ron Paul's name on the ballot, regardless of whether it would be counted or not.  A number of people also said they would not vote at all, and another group said that they would in fact vote for Gary Johnson.

Take a moment to watch this interview with Gary Johnson and see if anything he says changes your mind about whether or not you would vote for him in the event Ron Paul is not on the ballot.  Don't freak out, we are not writing off Ron Paul's chances, we are just facilitating a discussion.


  1. Libertarians should join with Ron Paul supporters and vow now to write in his name if he doesn't win the Republican nomination. Governor Johnson is a good man who needs to turn his support to Representative Paul.

  2. Writing in Ron Paul puts the man above the movement. Don't be so selfish, and support the movement. I love Ron Paul and hope he gets the GOP nomination or he runs third party, but if he doesn't, put your effort behind the man with the torch.

  3. We face a time when 1 Man out of 3 will be a President . One that has to believe in the future of all men and women . This has to be a Person with morels ,Honor , to maybe has served in the Military. That has spent there life helping and speaking for American and its Rights and Liberty ! " Entitlements and Fraud of our Tax dollars has gone to Far unnoticed And Restrictions to terrorism has stripped our Liberty"s .. Tourism has been the Wealth of many Nation now we see them in record numbers in food lines and crimes to Murder by this Administration . Help support Ron Paul

  4. Ron Paul Doesn't get it Im For Gary Johnson both are real libery loving patiots.