Monday, May 7, 2012

Obama Tries to Grow a Grassroots Campaign

RON PAUL U.S.A. | May 7, 2012
I have to admit, I'm actually not sure exactly what this cartoon is supposed to represent. My first hunch was that is was taking a jab at Obama's attempt to grow a grassroots
campaign, and I still think that is the intended meaning.  On the other hand, as I look at it now it could actually be a positive cartoon showing how Obama is cultivating a comprehensive grassroots effort that will be ready to harvest in the fall.   What do you think?

Actually, it really doesn't make a damn bit of differnce in the end, because Obama has no clue what a real grassroots campaign is all about. See, Mr. President, grassroots movements are started by the people!  They are not "planted" by rich politicians using money as fertilizer!  A grassroots movement sets out to make a real difference in the world, with a goal of revolutionary changes to the status quo. Grassroots movements are not about one man, although that may be hard for you to believe given your enormous ego.  See, although a grassroots movement may have a leader, the movement will continue with or without that leader in the long run.

If you still don't understand, Mr. President, don't worry.  You will get to see the power of a grassroots movement up close and personal come November, and you won't even know what hit you until you are face down in that grass you are watering!

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  1. Obama doesn't have to grow a grass roots campaign. The cluster frack that is the GOP will hand the election to him on a silver platter with some Grey Poupon served by one of Romney's many personal servants. The only man that could possible make real positive change in this country is Ron Paul and the GOP is fighting him tooth and toenail. They're pulling every dirty trick in the book (legal and illegal) to keep him out and the lap dog lamestream media is doing what they're as well!