Tuesday, May 8, 2012

MSNBC's Chuck Todd Discusses Ron Paul's Delegate Strategy

RON PAUL U.S.A. | May 8, 2012

You are probably thinking this is another lame, biased, mostly negative piece by the mainstream media about Ron Paul's campaign, right?  Well, you might be surprised when you watch that it actually is fairly positive overall!   Chuck Todd seems to actually be impressed at the fact that Ron Paul has put a strategy in place that is working, and he seems to understand the bigger picture as well in terms of influencing change in our country!

The key aspect to all of this is that we still have a long, long way to go!   We are making progress and we are realizing some successes.  It is very powerful for a movement when a strategy is put in place, and then you begin to see some successes as a result.  This further empowers and energizes the movement to push forward with the realization that good things lie ahead. That is where we find ourselves right now!

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  1. Not sure if I'm missing a joke, but the Germans didn't bomb Pearl Harbor in the book *I* read about WW2. :-)
    Also, Ron Paul is NOT running for "a good speaking spot" or "input into the platform". He's been beating Romney in most states, and the goal is to keep Romney from getting 1,144 votes on the first ballot. On the second ballot, Ron Paul will *destroy* Romney and win the nomination. There are still alot of things in the air, but one thing is definite - Romney has NOT clinched the nomination, and it's likely we'll have a brokered convention if Ron Paul continues to win delegates as easily as he has over the last 3 weeks!