Wednesday, April 11, 2012

Ron Paul To Appeal To Young Voters at Fort Worth Meeting

TCU DAILY SKIFF | Michael Gutierrez | April 11, 2012
Following Rick Santorum’s campaign suspension, Ron Paul would continue campaigning as the last conservative alternative to Mitt Romney, according to a press release.

Paul planned to speak at a town hall meeting in Fort Worth’s Will Rogers Memorial Center on Wednesday, long before Santorum decided to end his bid for the presidency.

Santorum’s drop could bolster Paul’s popularity with conservative TCU students, Young Americans for Liberty member Jack Enright said.

Students who identified with Paul’s politics, but were afraid of voting for a candidate destined to lose, might change their minds as the Republican nomination inches closer to becoming a two-man race, Enright said.

Robert Paul, son of Ron Paul, assured an audience of TCU students at the Brown-Lupton University Union on Monday, that his father promoted a political ideology that would ease the federal debt that threatens the freedoms of college-aged voters.

“You guys are the ones getting screwed,” he said.

Paul was the only candidate that would curb government spending and decrease the $15 trillion debt, Robert said.

Bringing home America’s troops and leaving the United Nations were among Paul’s suggestions to decrease government spending, Robert said.

According to, Paul has received $95,567 in donations from members of the military, which is more than any other presidential candidate.

Other platforms include the legalization of drugs, eradication of foreign aid and the elimination of Obamacare, Robert said.

No information had been released regarding Paul’s discussion topics at the upcoming Fort Worth City Council meeting.

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