Tuesday, April 3, 2012

Ron Paul Says He's Going "Where No Other Republican Can Go"

CNS NEWS | Susan Jones | April 3, 2012
Ron Paul says he’s going to be busy campaigning in California this week: “And we’re going to have big turnouts in places where no other Republican can go. I’m going to go to Berkeley,” he told WMAL radio in Washington on Monday.

“You have to reach out to more people than the Republican base,” Paul continued. And when you put my name up against Obama, quite frankly, I do every bit as well as Romney against Obama. So I would think that there is some very significant debating yet to go on.”

Paul was making the point that the Republican presidential nomination has not been locked up. He said there’s no reason for him to say which Republican candidate he might eventually support – especially now, when the campaigning continues.

“I mean why do it now, in the middle of the race. I have a lot of campaign events.”

Two student groups, Students for Liberty and Youth for Ron Paul, are hosting Paul at Berkeley on Thursday evening. Students for Liberty describes its mission as "standing up for freedom at a leftist university."

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