Wednesday, April 18, 2012

Ron Paul Campaign To Run Popular TV Spot In Rhode Island

RON PAUL U.S.A. | April 18, 2012
The Ron Paul campaign announced today that it will be going on the offensive in Rhode Island!  "The Plan", a well received TV spot released back in October, will begin airing
tomorrow on select cable TV networks and will run through the Rhode Island primary on April 24th (see video below).

While the vast majority in the media want to declare the Ron Paul campaign dead, it appears that the exact opposite is true.  Dr. Paul's "In It To Win It" moneybomb has now raised nearly $1.35 million and is still growing! His recent visits to California and Texas attracted huge crowds and resulted in very positive local media coverage of each event.  Ron Paul supporters have also recently made huge progress in places like Nevada, Maine, and Georgia since the announcement that Rick Santorum would drop out of the race.

Tonight, Ron Paul will visit Cornell University, where more huge crowds are expected.  We will be sharing coverage of the event on our blog, Facebook , and Twitter.

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