Wednesday, April 18, 2012

President Obama, The Magic Is Gone

RON PAUL U.S.A. | April 18, 2012
Wow, has it really been almost four years already?  Doesn't it seem like yesterday that Oprah was crying her eyes out at Obama's victory speech, along with thousands of other
Americans?  So many Americans, for the first time in their lives, had real "hope" that things were going to finally "change". Obama was now going to take care of them, and everyone else, who for whatever reason had gotten the short end of the stick throughout their lives.

As Ron Paul supporters, we knew this was all a huge joke that would have a very unfortunate punch line.  We never believed any of that garbage for one second.  However, we need to remember that millions of people DID believe it.  Those voters are now completely disillusioned with how this whole thing has turned out.

I point all this out for one reason. See, right now and for the last year, we have been focused on winning over Republican voters, when in truth Ron Paul is not a Republican at all.  His views transcend political parties, because freedom cannot be contained by a label or title.  If Ron Paul runs as a 3rd Party candidate, he will  then be able to bring out the big guns and focus his message on those millions of Obama voters that no longer believer in the magic.  This is where the real opportunity lies, and this is the fight that we can and must win!  We need to push very hard for Ron Paul to run as a 3rd party candidate, if he does not get the GOP nomination!


  1. This is exactly what the media has been trying to get him to do for ages. They are trying to subvert the message by saying he is so far out of the main stream that he couldn't fit into either major party.

    He has not lost the GOP nomination. He is far from losing. Mitt Romney may be picking out which suit to wear for his acceptance speech, but that is premature. Until he has a vote of 1144 on the floor in Tampa, during the convention, he is just another player in the game.

    1. The post says "if he does not win the GOP nomination". He is not a traditional Republican, and we should be happy about that! End the wars, stop prohibition of drugs, civil liberties... those are not GOP ideas. The GOP is beating the drums of war, we all know that very well. When Ron Paul can take his message to disillusioned Obama voters, he will really be able to gain support!

    2. I totally agree! It is past time to END, not only the Wars, and prohibition of drugs, the Unconstitutional taking of Liberties; it is time to END the CORPORATE OWNED Govt. Period! The politicians in Govt. have been bought by the bankers, and corporations with special interests. It's time for Americans to stand up and say, ENOUGH! Before they destroy what is left of our FREEDOMS,and our Country. Otherwise, we'll all find ourselves being exterminated!! If you think I'm crazy, so be it. But before you pass judgement I think you need to see this:

      You need to watch the Movie to see how our world will evolve if we continue to let the 'Banksters' control us!!

  2. Absolutely not. Ron Paul would not win because of the fear of "the other side" that a FPTP election creates for both sides. Moreover, Ron Paul running 3rd party would mostly hurt the Republicans and probably put Obama back in the White House. Such a move would be seen by many Republicans as treasonous and anyone that supported Ron Paul or any that espouse his views would be castigated and the views would become secondary - just like 'Communist' became a stigma, regardless of whether you were trying to overthrow the US govt or simply a hippie that wanted to be left alone to live in your little 200 acre commune.

    A 3rd party run would alienate people and harm the liberty movement. We need to mainstream it, not isolate it.