Wednesday, April 25, 2012

NY GOP Chairman Lies to Voters, Says Ron Paul is Out of the Race

DIGITAL JOURNAL | Victoria N. Alexander | April 25, 2012
One day before the NY GOP Presidential primary, Vincent Reda, the First Vice Chairman of the NY Republican Party, made robo calls to voters declaring that all other candidates
had dropped out of the race except Mitt Romney.

Doug Wead, Paul campaign advisor, notes that some GOP leaders have stooped pretty low trying to stop the Ron Paul campaign. Although many sources report that the GOP race is effectively over, some local GOP leaders appear to be worried that Mitt Romney's nomination is not quite as certain as is supposed. Throughout the primary, there have been various charges, made by Paul supporters, of fraud, unfair treatment, and miscounts. But two recent and well-documented incidents are especially notable.

On April 21, in King Country Washington, Chairwoman Lori Sotelo tried to call off the caucus when Tamra Smilanich, a Ron Paul supporter, was fairly elected caucus chair. Sotelo accused Smilanich of being an “operative” of the Paul campaign and said that the King County GOP would not allow a Ron Paul "campaign event" to continue. Smilanich's election had taken place according to the Robert’s Rules of Order and was completely legitimate. Smilanich began to run the meeting, allowing attendees to make speeches in support of various candidates. However, before a vote could be taken, Sotelo declared that the premises had to be vacated because the venue had been rented for a limited time, which had come to an end. Undeterred, the caucus moved to a new location.

Ron Paul supporters may have triumphed over adversity in the King County situation, but another GOP "low blow" in Rockland County, New York may have succeeded in its attempt to undermine the Ron Paul vote. Rockland County is one of the most populated counties in New York State. Viincent Reda, First Vice Chairman of the New York Republican State Committee, made robo calls, to all registered Republican voters in Rockland County, saying that all the other candidates but Romney had dropped out of the race. Reda urged voters to come to the polls to vote for Romney anyway, to show "united" support.


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