Wednesday, April 4, 2012

Local TV Coverage of Ron Paul in Chico, California from a KHSL CBS12 in Chico

It is absolutely fascinating how the local media coverage of Ron Paul can be so fair and unbiased, while the national media goes to great lengths to black him out and slant the truth.

Take a look at this piece from KHSL CBS12 in Chico, where Ron Paul spoke to over 6,000 supporters yesterday.  The report is almost 100% fact-based with very little added opinions or commentary. We share these segments often from around the country because they are so incredibly refreshing. Can you imagine how well Ron Paul might be doing (and conversely how poor Mittens would be doing) if all media coverage was equal and truly fair??

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  1. It's pretty biased to say he's "last in the nominee race". We don't know how many delegates have been awarded, so it's not accurate to make that claim.