Friday, April 27, 2012

Local Coverage Of Ron Paul's Visit To The University Of Texas At Austin - April 26, 2012

RON PAUL U.S.A. | April 27, 2012
Once again, we have to give huge props to the local media affiliates and their coverage of Ron Paul's campaign!  The Austin affiliates did a fantastic job of giving ample
coverage to Dr. Paul's speech at UT last evening, and also took time to sit down with him and allow him to further explain his positions.  Remember, the vast majority of Americans know very little about the real Ron Paul.  Every single time he sits down with a local news reporter, he gets his message in front of a very different demographic.

Overall, the visit to Austin was a huge success, drawing thousands of supporters and new faces as well.  As Dr. Paul has discussed in the past, most campaigns end when the money and the supporters dry up.  That being said, it looks like we are in very good shape to keep things going for a long, long time!

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