Tuesday, March 20, 2012

Ron Paul Is The Only Choice For Those Dissatisfied With The Status Quo

David Andrews | March 20, 2012
This letter is to those who think, “I like what Ron Paul has to say, but voting for him will just be throwing my vote away.” I suspect they are appreciating Ron Paul, or really what he stands for, because they sense an alarm that America has been, and still is, heading in the wrong direction.

That is, 180 degrees away from protecting our most basic natural rights as listed in the Bill of Rights. These rights were written down with the purpose of limiting government overreach and control.

Perhaps the current political system cannot be redeemed, but I hope it can. I will do my part to save it and I ask you to help. I see electing honest people with an individual rights perspective, at all levels, as the first step. If you agree and believe that our Nation is going in the wrong direction then your vote can only be for Ron Paul.

Consider that Obama, Romney, Santorum, and Gingrich all agree, in principle, to continue moving our country in the current direction. Their most recent egregious attacks on liberty include the Patriot Act, NDAA’s kidnap provision, codification of the president’s right to assassinate Americans, DHS, TSA, and all forms of bailouts. Their plans do nothing more than tweak how destructive government will be to our freedom. Sadly, the current voting record of Congress proves its agreement with this direction. Whereas, Ron Paul clearly is predisposed to restore freedom by greatly reducing government overreach. He would be the freedom standard bearer standing before congress.

I have heard some say that they will not participate in this perverted political system. That is, not vote at all. I propose that a no vote, rather than a Ron Paul vote, is actually a vote in support of the current political model. A vote for Ron Paul is your most practical way to lodge dissatisfaction with the political class.

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  1. You're forgetting another solution: bottom-up organizing to change the status quo, i.e. Occupy Wall Street and libertarian socialist movements.