Monday, March 19, 2012

Banned Video - Arrest of Brent Strafford, St. Charles County Caucus

"This is after the St. Charles County GOP, aka Eugene Stokes and Brian Spencer, illegally took over the caucus. They did not follow ANY rules. Eugene Stokes was the "TEMPORARY CHAIR PERSON" and began appointing the rules committe, secretary, parlimentaryian, and would not reconize ANY "points of order, or divisions" that were called. After all the chaos of being illegaly adjurned we proceded to have a "rum" caucus outside the building on the same property.Caucus goers also finding out that there was a straw poll conducted when most didn't even realize it. Again, against the St. Charles County GOP's rules. We organized and were trying to follow all the rules when we were interupted and Brent Strafford was arrested for trespassing. There were approximatly 20-25 police cars, numerous police bikes, and one police helicopter."
Skip forward to the 5:00 minute mark and watch as the events unfold.

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  1. Any follow-up on this arrest? I hope this guy has a junkyard dog for a lawyer.