Wednesday, March 28, 2012

Poll Suggests Ron Paul Would Pull 17% Of the Vote If He Ran As 3rd Party

This is fascinating because of the fact that the vast majority of Americans have absolutely no clue who Ron Paul is and what he believes.  There are plenty of reasons to think that the actual numbers would be considerably higher in a general election if he was included in all the debate and discussions just as Ross Perot was in 1992.   Perot pulled in 19% that year, with a much different platform than Ron Paul brings to the table. Ron Paul's appeal as the "peace candidate" would transcend all political affiliations and bring him a considerable block of votes that Ross Perot could not attract.  Let's hope we get to see these predictions become a reality!


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  1. Go RON PAUL, we need REAL change! We MUST get the banking cartel, the war-mongering, money-hungry LYING defense contractors out of our government and kick the TOTALLY corrupt politicians who are taking money from the lobbyists and putting this country in the toilet because of their insatiable greed! GET THEM ALL OUT! and start fresh before it's too late!