Thursday, March 29, 2012

Only President Paul Would Actually Shrink Government

POLITICAL NEWS | March 29,2012
At The Daily Caller I make the point that for a half century, every successive president has grown government larger than his predecessor. The same will be true in 2012 if voters choose any candidate other than Ron Paul. To believe that Mitt Romney, Rick Santorum or Newt Gingrich would actually cut government is to believe that each man could accomplish something even Ronald Reagan didn’t do.

Many Republicans say the worst thing that could happen in 2012 is for Barack Obama to be re-elected. This is probably true–except perhaps, electing another Republican who governs pretty much like Obama and calling it “conservative.” Again.


America is the greatest nation in human history. Our respect for individual liberty, free markets, and limited constitutional government produced the strongest, most prosperous country in the world. But, we have drifted far from our founding principles, and America is in crisis. Ron Paul’s “Restore America” plan slams on the brakes and puts America on a return to constitutional government. It is bold but achievable. Through the bully pulpit of the presidency, the power of the Veto, and, most importantly, the united voice of freedom-loving Americans, we can implement fundamental reforms.

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