Thursday, January 19, 2012

Ron Paul Goes After Gingrich In Email To Supporters

HUFFINGTON POST | Mollie Reilly | January 19, 2012

As Newt Gingrich surged in the South Carolina polls, Ron Paul's campaign sent an e-mail to supporters on Thursday afternoon attacking the former House Speaker's record, calling Gingrich a "counterfeit conservative," and criticizing his work for Freddie Mac.

The email, sent with the subject line "Why Newt tanked in Iowa and can never beat Obama," pointed to a video accusing Gingrich of "serial hypocrisy," originally released by the Paul campaign in November.

The email continues:

"You might have seen recently that Mr. Gingrich traded on his former political office to land a $1.8 million lobbying contract with Freddie Mac.

Why is this so disturbing?

Because while this out-of-control federal agency, along with Fannie Mae, was ruining the housing market and causing millions of homeowners to lose their homes and life savings, Newt Gingrich was earning millions advising it.

At that same exact time, I was publicly declaring they needed to be stopped before they ruined the economy.

I guess Newt Gingrich and I have a different idea of what to do with federal bureaucracies. I fight to rein them in and shut them down before they can do harm. He pads his personal bank account while they wreck our economy.

While I was fighting environmental extremists, the out-of-control EPA, and the Soros-funded green movement, Newt Gingrich was filming commercials with Nancy Pelosi.

While I was fighting government bailouts, Newt was saying he would have voted FOR them. Don't be fooled by the words candidates use when they are running for office. Look hard at their records. My record is one of true limited government, anti-Washington, D.C. conservatism."

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