Thursday, September 6, 2012

A Plea to Ron Paul Supporters Now Voting For Mitt Romney

RON PAUL U.S.A. | September 6, 2012
This post is for anyone and everyone who would have voted for Ron Paul in the general election for President of the United States if he had been the Republican or Libertarian
candidate, but are now voting for Mitt Romney.

A large are number of these voters can be grouped under the label "Obama Haters". Yes, they love Ron Paul and would have welcomed the opportunity to vote for him, but their main concern now is to make sure Obama does not get four more years.  They will vote "against Obama" for whichever candidate they feel has the best opportunity to defeat him, which they view now as Romney.  Actually, some of these voters may not have voted for Ron Paul in the end if they did not feel he could win.

If you are an "Obama Hater", I want to speak directly to you now.  I am 100% with you in terms of hating Obama!  He is driving our country toward the edge of the cliff faster than any Republican could dream of, and he is hell bent on pushing his socialist agenda down our throats.  The main issue you need to understand is that Mitt Romney will not change the course we are on in any meaningful way.

Think about this situation for just a moment.  Ron Paul, who fully understands that Obama is killing our country, was still not willing to endorse Romney as someone that could help the situation.  Endorsing Romney would help his son tremendously, and in fact most likely would have lead to a speaking role for Ron Paul at the GOP Convention. That speech would have been Ron Paul's most watched and highly publicised speech of his entire life!  All of these benefits, and yet still, Ron Paul was not willing to endorse Mitt Romney?

The other issue I want to address with many of you is the fact that you will not vote for Gary Johnson because you don't think he can win.  Perhaps you feel that a vote for Gary Johnson is a wasted vote and will only help Obama.

Again, think about this scenario for a moment.  You are voting for Romney, because you think he has a chance to win, which means that a whole lot of other people are already saying they will vote for him.  You might consider a vote for Gary Johnson, if a large number of other people were already saying they would vote for him.  No offence, but you are simply following the masses, going with the crowd, behaving like a sheep.  You are not embodying what Ron Paul has stood for, and against, his entire career.  Ron Paul stood up for what was right when nobody else stood with him.  He often was the only one that voted "no" on key issues because it went against his principles.  As Ron Paul supporters, we owe it to him to stand up and do what we know is right, even if it means we might stand alone!

My plea to you is to stand up now and vote for Liberty!  Gary Johnson will be on the ballot in all 50 states, with his name right next to Obama and Romney.  His votes will be counted and the results will be available for everyone to see.  Do what you know is right! Vote FOR ending the wars, ending the drug war, auditing the Fed, abolishing the IRS, and other key issues Ron Paul fought for his entire career!  Be a leader, not a follower! Stand up now and proudly share your intentions, and then let others follow you!

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