Tuesday, August 28, 2012

This Is Our D-Day, Stand Strong And Unite

Reports are now poring out of Tampa about instances of intimidation, verbal abuse, and bullying of Ron Paul supporters by the GOP establishment.  This is what we fought so
hard for over so many months during the primaries.  True, we did not achieve our goals, but we still have time and can make a difference.  This is a time when Ron Paul Nation needs to be very, very vocal on the Internet and all social media to show those in Tampa that they have tremendous support around the country. The rest of the country is beginning to take notice, as is evident in this article from of all places, CNN, which came out today.

Ron Paul Loyalists Say "We Can Do Better"

CNN | Ted Barrett | August 28, 2012
A small but enthusiastic group of Ron Paul supporters Monday gave an early indication of the presence they hope to have at this week's Republican convention.

After the gavel closed a shortened session Monday afternoon, two dozen supporters of the Texas congressman congregated under a large sign on the convention floor reading "We can do better."

While the banner, hung by convention organizers, was a criticism of President Barack Obama, the Paul supporters were tweaking the message.

Standing below it, the crew held their own signs from the former 2012 presidential candidate's failed bid, suggesting a tweak at the GOP establishment: that the party would be better off with Paul than Mitt Romney as its presidential nominee.

One convention official told CNN that organizers are not overly concerned about disruptions from Paul's loyal band, noting that the group, which chanted briefly by the sign, was dwarfed by the thousands of Romney supporters who will fill the hall this week. The RNC announced plans to run a video tribute to Paul at the convention.

Besides, the official asked, what would a political convention be without at least some dissent.

It absolutely energizes me to hear other Ron Paul supporters share their views and opinions. We all tend to feel, from time to time, that we are alone in this fight. So many of

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