Wednesday, August 29, 2012

The Ron Paul Snub

WALL STREET JOURNAL | Stephen Moore | August 29, 2012
Republicans stumbled in their unity efforts Tuesday afternoon by unnecessarily infuriating Ron Paul supporters with a new party convention rule to limit the delegate
count of insurgent candidates.

Mr. Paul received 190 delegate votes, versus more than 2,000 for Mitt Romney. But on the convention floor the Paul supporters were seething as they booed loudly and shouted "shame" over the new rules to create an acclamation for the nominee. The GOP leaders said the rule is intended to bind delegates to their commitment based on the primary votes in their states, which probably makes sense.

But the incident was a misstep, according to former Republican National Committee chairman Haley Barbour, who said that the party doesn't need distractions and "overreaching" by the old guard.

Mr. Paul was on the convention floor yesterday and received rowdy applause. When asked if he and his delegates felt robbed, he said: "I'll let you know when it's over."

The most vocal supporters of any candidate inside and outside the convention hall are the Ron Paul brigades. They are young, loud, energized and omnipresent. One group told me that the GOP establishment is "shutting them out" and "stealing delegates." Several Paul supporters brought up the Maine primaries, where they believe that all of their votes weren't counted and that Paul may have beaten Mr. Romney.

The new GOP rules might make sense, but why implement them now, when the Romney campaign needs the Ron Paul troops and their passion. Equally dumb was not allowing Mr. Paul to have an evening speech at the convention as an act of inclusiveness. It wouldn't hurt if Paul Ryan and Mr. Romney chose to acknowledge Paul supporters during their convention speeches.

The stubborn Mr. Paul declined to formally endorse Mr. Romney again yesterday and is playing the role of sore loser. But the spat between the two forces only helps President Obama. So much for the big tent.


  1. If the votes of the Ron Paul supporters were important to the GOP and Romney, theb they indeed would have acted differently. But the reality is that Romney and the RNC are arrogant and stupid and think that can win without any help from these supporters. Ron Paul and his supporters have been insulted, marginalized, ridiculed and more. Why would anyone in their right mind, take another hit for the team? Seriously, they are doing the right thing by going third party. And, I think that the GOP wants to lose to Obama anyway, since they have NO clue how to turn our country around and are looking for an escape goat to blame when they do. And no way should anyone be blamed for this EXCEPT the GOP!

  2. "The stubborn Mr. Paul declined to formally endorse Mr. Romney again yesterday and is playing the role of sore loser." Actually, Mr. Moore, Ron Paul is playing the role of consistent man with integrity, refusing to bow down to the will of the lying, cheating GOP who demanded that he endorse Mittens and allow them to vet his speech. I tip my hat to Dr. Paul for having the courage to stand up for what he believes in--to stand up for what is right. It's sad that you feel the need to insult the strong willed and resort to childish name calling. Dr. Paul has stood up for YOU and I for the past 30 years and I'll gladly continue to stand up for him.