Friday, August 24, 2012

Ron Paul Has GOP Exactly Where He Wants It

RON PAUL U.S.A. | August 24, 2012
So the GOP is now pushing to move up the vote for its presidential nominee to Monday, amongst fears that Ron Paul and his supporters may stir up the convention
more than it would like. At the same time, the GOP released a statement today that it will be airing a "Ron Paul Tribute" video during the convention (this makes me want to vomit, but that's another story).  Meanwhile, Paul Fest gets underway today just a short distance from the GOP Convention, and is being sponsored by the Libertarian Party!

Does anyone else see a very interesting scenario developing?

Ron Paul has an opportunity to drive the GOP absolutely insane this week!  First, he is already messing with their heads and forcing them to move up the vote.  I would love to see Dr. Paul pull off a miracle, and still hope he does, by earning the nomination. However, lets assume that does not happen and by Monday evening Mittens is the official GOP candidate.  What happens next?

Just imagine the following scenario.  The GOP hypes up the big Ron Paul video and then airs it  at the convention.  Moments later, Ron Paul appears live on national television and officially endorses Gary Johnson for President of the United States!  He makes a passionate plea to all of his loyal supporters to abandon the GOP and move in full force to support the Libertarian Party!  How's that for timing and impact?

As far I am concerned, the GOP is not worthy of a candidate like Ron Paul.  They has been nothing but crooks and criminals during the entire primary process, trying to limit our choices and force their chosen candidate down our throats.  It is time for them to eat some crow and get a taste of some humility!


  1. I go where Dr. Paul goes.

  2. This year it's Ron Paul or Gary Johnson. No Robama vote.