Thursday, August 9, 2012

New Poll Shows Romney's Popularity Tanking Ahead of GOP Convention

RON PAUL U.S.A. | August 8, 2012
It must really suck for the GOP to have lost the game before they even announced their starting pitcher! Just keep right on playing those violins fellas, the ship will be fine!

According to a new Washington Post-ABC News poll, Romney's popularity is tanking only a few weeks ahead of the GOP convention.

The poll shows that 49% of voters have a negative view of Romney, which was up from 45% in May. The compares to only a 43% negative rating for Obama.

By a margin of 53% to 40%, more key Independent voters see Obama favourably rather than unfavourably, while 50% of this group view Romney unfavourably, compared to 37% who consider him favourably.

Even in the Republican Party, Romney is struggling to fire up the base. Only 41% feel strongly favourable, while 61% of Democrats feel the same about Obama.

Hey GOP, want to reconsider giving Ron Paul a speaking role at the convention, or do you still think you "got this"?

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