Monday, August 13, 2012

Cartoon - Synchronized Campaign Swimming

RON PAUL U.S.A. - August 13, 2012
Every once in awhile, when the stars align just right and the moon is the perfect distance from the earth, we will find a political cartoon that "gets it right".  These little gems are
something to cherish, because it could be a long, long time before we see another.  Daryl Cagle is the man that deserves the credit for the one we bring you today, which sheds light a the fact that all Ron Paul supports are well aware of...  Obama and Romney are not different in any meaningful way!

There have been no material differences between the two political parties for some time, but perhaps never before have they been so obviously similar than this year.  The issue even came up in the debates when other GOP candidate called out Romney on his various "Obama-like" stances on key issues.

There are two ways to get folks to consider options to the two-party system.  The first is to "pull" them over to the new party with interesting ideas and a magnetic candidate. The other is to "push" them over by helping them understand that the current system is completely broken.  Ron Paul has done a wonderful job pulling millions of people over to the liberty movement.  The next few months will offer the rest of us a chance to push millions more by educating them on the failures and flaws of this "one party system" we currently have in place.  This election featuring "Obamney" and "Robama" gives us a perfect opportunity do make our point!

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    Ross Perot Army + Ron Paul Army
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