Wednesday, August 8, 2012

Can GOP Dump Romney And Nominate Ron Paul?

AMERICAN FREE PRESS | Michael Collins Piper | August 7, 2012

Because there are real doubts that presumed GOP nominee Mitt Romney has what it takes to displace the current White House occupant in the general election, there are
some Republicans who have a message for the delegates to the forthcoming GOP National Convention: Dump Romney and nominate Rep. Ron Paul (R-Texas).

In stark contrast to outspoken populist Paul, whose integrity is undoubted, whose finances and business affairs are an open book and whose political message has been consistent, Romney can’t shake the image of being an out-of-touch elitist who flip-flops on the issues and whose business affairs seem sordid and un-American.

Paul supporters are also conscious of the danger a Romney presidency would pose to the future of the burgeoning “Ron Paul movement” (RPM) that emerged during the past four years.

As president, Romney would be in absolute control of the Republican Party national apparatus and would assuredly do everything in his power to quash any efforts by the RPM to expand its influence in GOP ranks. Romney is a fervent globalist whose allies in high places despise and fear the nationalist, non-interventionist sentiments of Paul and his supporters.

Four—or eight—years of a Romney presidency would put the kibosh on efforts by the RPM to reform the GOP from within and bend the party away from the New World Order orientation of Romney and the nest of discredited Bush-era neoconservatives who are back again and now running Romney.

But Paul’s supporters have hopes of displacing Romney—even at this last minute—in Paul’s favor.

A lot of Americans are not dazzled by the fact that Romney has been a business success, particularly since his monetary triumph through his Bain & Company operation came through shutting down American corporations, looting their assets and “outsourcing” American workers’ jobs overseas. Even conservative Texas Governor Rick Perry described Romney as a “vulture capitalist.”

Romney has also been dogged by questions arising from his refusal to release anything other than only a very limited number of his recent income tax returns. Romney is known to have stashed money in overseas bank accounts. This has raised further concerns, causing some to wonder if Romney has other unreported sources of income.

That the Obama Justice Department is waging a quiet but aggressive inquiry into Americans who have hidden money in Israeli banks—including Bank Leumi (control of which was purchased by a consortium of Jewish financiers who use GOP former Vice President Dan Quayle as their front man)—has led to speculation the inquiry is looking for further evidence of financial shenanigans by Romney stemming from his Israeli connections.

A longtime friend and former business associate of Israeli Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu, Romney installed an Israeli woman with high-level Israeli military and intelligence connections, Orit Gadiesh, as chair of Bain, the entity at the center of the controversy surrounding Romney’s wheeling and dealing.

What remains to be seen surrounding Romney’s mysterious ventures is enough to make victory-minded Republicans uneasy. That’s why supporters of Paul urge the GOP to dump Romney and pick the one GOP contender who can unquestionably draw clear lines of demarcation between himself and the Democratic incumbent—and win the presidency on 2012.

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