Wednesday, July 25, 2012

Michael Moore Discusses Gun Control on CNN

RON PAUL U.S.A. | July 25, 2012
One of our favourite clowns to rip on here at Ron Paul U.S.A. is Mikey Moore.  We are happy to report that he is back out in the public again spewing his nonsense to the masses, this time on gun control.

Look, if passing a law to remove all guns from society would result in zero gun-related deaths each year, I "might" consider supporting such a law.  At the very least it would be something to discuss.  But, we already have a law on the books that should take care of stopping the type of unimaginable crime we saw in Colorado last week, and it is far broader than any "gun control" law.  What is this wonderful, powerful, effective law that we speak of?  Simple... it is against the law to KILL people!  That should cover everything across the board, including killing with guns, knives, bombs and whatever else you can come up with in your apartment.  That's the only law we need, right?

Guess what, even that law does not stop all killing, as we are all well aware of these days.  It is impossible to stop all crime, period.  In fact, most laws that are designed to stop or curb a specific action usually result in more crime being committed to get around the law.   We see this throughout history and in our modern society all the time.  The only laws on the books should deal with issues related to crimes against our fellow man, period.  When we try to tell people how to live their lives, what they can put in their bodies, or what they can own as personal property, we only serve to create more problems that we had in the first place.

Do you know what your chances are of dying within one year as a result of a gun? Statistically, you have a zero percent chance of being killed by a gun this year.  Zero!  Actually, .007% chance to be exact, but that is statistically the same as zero.  It simply will not happen.

The media wants to your feel unsafe.  They want you to look toward the government for help in every way.  The fact is that as it relates to guns, our society is extremely safe, period.  Facts are facts and statistics do not lie.  Numbers do not have any political preferences or affiliation.  There is no law imaginable that can statistically reduce your chances of dying from a gun-related injury this year.  Irrational fear is rampant in our culture and until we educate ourselves and those around us, we will be at the mercy of those that control our minds.

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