Saturday, June 16, 2012

Romney Not Winning Over Ron Paul Supporters, GOP Influentials Say

PATCH.COM | Marc Fortier and Dan Tuohy | June 15, 2012
Mitt Romney may have won over New Hampshire Tea Party members, but the jury's still out on whether he can bring over disaffected Ron Paul supporters, according to this week's Red Granite survey of influential conservatives.

In all, 103 Republicans from New Hampshire were asked using an automated survey tool whether they think Romney – who is visiting the state today – has gained the support of Ron Paul backers in New Hampshire.

Fifty responses were collected.

Only 44 percent of those surveyed agreed that Romney has to some degree wrapped up the Paul supporters. Thirty-six percent said they somewhat agree, and 8 percent completely agreed. Meanwhile, 28 percent said they somewhat disagree, 12 completely disagree, and 16 percent are neutral.

Several people responding to the survey suggested that Romney needs to work harder to win over Paul supporters.

"Pick a Ron Paul favorite as VP, and promise an administration spot to Ron Paul or his choice," said one.

"Pick Ron Paul as VP," said another.

Even after Romney's overwhelming win in the New Hampshire Primary, many Tea Party members here said they wouldn't vote for him. But it appears that sentiment may be changing somewhat now that Romney is set to become the Republican nominee.

In all, 74 percent of the survey respondents said they agree to some degree that Romney has won over New Hampshire Tea Party members. Fifty-eight percent said they somewhat agree, while 16 percent said they agree completely. Fourteen percent said they somewhat disagree, while 12 percent remain neutral.

One respondent did say that Romney needs to "embrace the Tea Party" and stop criticizing Sarah Palin.

Almost 90 percent of those surveyed responded in the affirmative when asked if they consider New Hampshire a must-win state for Romney. Forty-four percent said they somewhat agree, and 42 percent completely agreed. Six percent somewhat disagreed, 2 percent completely disagreed, and 4 percent remained neutral.

We also asked our Republican influentials what they think Romney needs to do in order to win the election, and received some interesting responses.

"Be consistently conservative," said one.

Another had a similar message, but was a more blunt – "Become a Republican."

One respondent took a dig at Romney's scheduled mid-day ice cream social in Milford on Friday, saying he shouldn't have ice cream socials on a Friday afternoon "while the real voters are at work."

Yet another urged Romney to show off his human side. "Be one of us. Water ski on Winnipesaukee. Let's see more group family stuff."


  1. It's never, ever , ever , ever , ever , ever , ever , ever gomna happen. Romney is nothing more then 0bama, bush and Clinton.

  2. Not interested in voting for Obamney

  3. When is Mitt gonna learn that he can't "win over" true RP supporters? "Can't Buy Me Love" -Lennon-McCartney

  4. Romney has nothing to offer us. He and the Republican members of Congress who voted for the NDAA have declared war on us. They are our enemies and traitors, according to the Constitution. Anyone (are you listening, Rand Paul?) who supports our enemies gives "aid and comfort" to our enemies and are also traitors, according to the Constitution.