Wednesday, June 13, 2012

Rand Paul Still Doesn't Get It, And Never Will

RON PAUL U.S.A. | June 13, 2012
We have all had a number of days now to try and wrap our heads around Rand Paul's endorsement of Mitt Romney.  People continue to have very strong opinions about this
matter on both sides.   Many are also very confused at why large numbers of Ron Paul supporters have had such a huge outpouring of anger and frustration toward the Liberty movements most outspoken member of Congress.

Why would Ron Paul fans suddenly turn on Rand just because of an endorsement that he already said was coming at some point?  Rand Paul still holds about 99% of the same values and beliefs as his father, correct?  The goal of Ron Paul supporters is to see those free market, small government, anti-war ideals move forward, right?  So what's the big deal here?  Perhaps Rand Paul just feels that this needed to happen to help him eventually make a larger impact in the direction of our country.  Would this not be a logical "compromise" if the end result is much more attractive?  Perhaps he made a deal with Mitt Romney that will get some of our goals achieved in the short term that never would have had a chance otherwise.

Wrong, wrong, wrong!   Yes, Ron Paul supporters love his ideals and principles.  However, there is one thing that people who are not "one of us" do not realize.  Our passion for Ron Paul comes from the man himself, which cannot be duplicated.  We love Ron Paul and fight for him because he is NOT like every other politician.   He does not negotiate on his beliefs.  He is not a sell out, and his support cannot be bought for any amount of money.   Lobbyist have no power over Ron Paul, because he is a man of integrity, character and honesty.

Ron Paul is pure and real.  He is truly a good man.  He is different.  He is a shining light and example of how we wish all politicians would represent the people that support them.

We love Ron Paul specifically because he would NEVER do exactly what his son just did.  Yes, perhaps his impact in the short term may not be as great as if he had been willing to "compromise", but that is precisly what we love about him!  In the end, he will change the world forever in a way that his son will now never be able to do without the passion of a "movement' to support him.


  1. Ron Paul endorsed Boehner as GOP House Leader, because it was either him, or Pelosi. This is a non-issue when you look into it. It only matters if Rand starts changing the way he votes in the Senate.

  2. Ron Paul was not running for GOP House Leader, so this is a totally different situation. It may be a non issue, but the point is that Ron Paul supporters are made because they hoped Rand was just like Ron, and he is not.