Tuesday, May 8, 2012

Should Ron Paul Supporters Back The Libertarian Candidate If Dr. Paul Does Not Win GOP Or Run As 3rd Party?

RON PAUL U.S.A. | May 8, 2012
This is certainly going to be a "hot button" issue across our social media network!  The topic came to our attention when we learned that Ron Paul was mentioned in the
Libertarian Party debate recently (see below).  If Ron Paul does not win the GOP nomination, and he also does not run as a 3rd party candidate, should Ron Paul supporters back the Libertarian Party candidate, which is Gary Johnson?

This is a very tough question for many people. There are two options other than voting for Gary Johnson.  First, Ron Paul supporters could vote for Mitt Romney, or even Obama.  Based on feedback from thousands of fans on Facebook and readers of this blog, that is simply not an option for the vast majority of Ron Paul supporters.  The other option is to simply not vote, and sit out the election.  I have a feeling a large number of supporters would probably choose that option.

I think either sitting out, or voting for Gary Johnson, are both satisfactory options.  The most important aspect is that Ron Paul supporters need to act in unison so as to deliver the strongest message possible.  My suggestion is that we all follow the lead of Dr. Paul.  If he endorses Gary Johnson, then all Ron Paul supporters should vote accordingly, or we should just sit out the election if that is what Dr. Paul feels is the best way for us to voice our dissatisfaction!  Of course, Ron Paul WILL WIN the GOP, so this is all just speculation anyway!!  Ron Paul 2012!!

So what say you, Ron Paul Nation?  Sound off below or on our Facebook page!

Skip ahead to the 5:21 mark to hear the discussion around Ron Paul.


  1. I will vote Gary Johnson if RP doesn't win. The other choice that people are forgetting is writing RP in.

    1. We should all write in RP.

  2. Simple solution for all libertarian-leaning Republicans:

    Vote strategically.

    If you live in a swing state vote Mitt Romney for President.

    If you live in a deeply red state like Texas, Arizona, or Utah, why not vote for Gary Johnson. The more votes for the Libertarian candidate, the more incentive President Romney will have to govern libertarian.

    Libertarians for Romney @ LibertarianRepublican.net

  3. I will NEVER vote for any of these jokes they call politicians. I will ONLY vote for the Dr. , the Patriot, the man who reads books on a saturday night JUST to find better ways for our country to thrive. RON PAUL or GO HOME.