Tuesday, May 1, 2012

Ron Paul Beats the Neoconservatives

THE EXAMINER | Kevin Kervick | May 1, 2012
The announcement this evening by President Obama that there is an end in sight in the War on Terror is proof positive the Ron Paul has won the battle for the hearts and minds
of the American people against the Neoconservatives.

Congressman Paul has been the lone voice in the wilderness in the Republican Party against high profile and powerful Neoconservative interests who wanted Americans to believe the country was engaged in an endless war against a religious enemy that would never be satisfied until it destroyed Israel and the United States. Ron Paul has now officially won that battle. Most Americans now agree with Ron Paul, that this war has gone on for far too long and it is time to bring our brave troops home.

The Neocon agenda, which has dominated both political parties for several decades (embedded in video), has been thoroughly defeated. Their pre-emptive war philosophy has been demonstrated to be unconstitutional and unwise. It is over.

If Dr. Paul has been correct all along with respect to war and foreign interventionism, perhaps he is correct about other things too. Maybe America should heed Dr. Paul's advice and begin to lessen its international presence, not just in Afghanistan but all around the world. If Neoconservative imperialism is wrong, maybe America should re-consider Dr. Paul's non-interventionism.

The Neoconservative philosophy has infected both President Obama and Mitt Romney. Thay have been bellicose while Ron Paul has been humble. How refreshing to have an American statesman who believes the military option is often the worst option. It is a sign that a sea change is occurring. America is finally relinquishing its role as policeman of the world. Ron Paul has won the battle against the Neoconservatives.

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