Wednesday, May 16, 2012

PBS News Hour Discusses Ron Paul's Campaign

RON PAUL U.S.A. | May 16, 2012
Although the print media has run rampant with the ill-conceived announcement from the Ron Paul campaign earlier this week, we have not seen many in the television media
discussing the story.  Last night, the PBS News Hour devoted a considerable amount to time discussing the topic with Brian Doherty and John Ralston.

There continues to be wide spread speculation on why this announcement was even made in the first place.  The consensus seems to be that it had to do with the tone of the recent convention in Oklahoma.  I'm not sure that makes a lot of sense, being that Ron Paul has said he wants supporters to continue to push hard to win additional delegates.   I still feel it was Dr. Paul just being brutally honest with his supporters, which is hard to argue with even if it may have caused some unindented reactions.  We love Dr. Paul because he is consistent, unwavering and honest, so we will have to take the good with the bad, just like we do with everyone else in our lives everyday!


  1. These people don't get it, Ron Paul wants to bring prosperity to this country, he wants for people to work and produce and as a consequence, enrich our economy, however, the media still shoves Romney as an alternative to Obama when BOTH are the same, what happened to the American people? do we really want this country to fail?, I hope this is just a nightmare.

    Ron Paul 2012, keep in touch with the campaign, there's an app for that!!

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