Monday, May 7, 2012

Full Coverage Of Tea Party Express Event Featuring Ron Paul

RON PAUL U.S.A. | May 7, 2012
The "Godfather of the Tea Party movement" has officially returned to his roots!   Ron Paul joined efforts with his son Rand Paul and Texas GOP senatorial candidate Ted Cruz at a rally hosted by the Tea Party Express in Austin, TX on Sunday.  Over 7,000 supporters turned out on a beautiful but warm spring day in the state capital to show their love for Dr. Paul.

Although their were some supporters for other Tea Party favorites such as Sarah Palin, the crowd was donimated by Ron Paul fans. When Tea Party Express chairwoman Amy Kremer tried to sing the praises of Ted Cruz to start the rally, she was met with shrieks of "Ron Paul! Ron Paul!" She finally responded, "You're going to hear from Congressman Paul, I promise."

Texas holds its presidential, congressional and state legislative primaries May 29. Dr. Paul has attracted big crowds on college campuses in Texas and throughout the country in recent months, and is ramping up his efforts in the Lone Star State
before voters head to the polls in a few weeks.

The event overall was a huge success! Media coverage was very strong, with numerous local affiliates picking up the story and reporting the event in a very unbiased manner. Check out the videos below and be sure to view these great pictures of the event from The Austin-American Statesman.

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  1. When this fake neocon bus came to NH, it only gathered 200 even with both Romney and Palin!