Monday, April 9, 2012

Ron Paul Supporters Deserve Recognition

THE TOWERLIGHT | Chad Myers | April 8, 2012
As I read The Towerlight’s coverage of the 2012 presidential race, I was initially ecstatic that there was a mention of Ron Paul— something the publication has been blatantly dodging for quite a bit now. After I finished celebrating the end of the media blackout,
I read the next paragraph where Paul’s speech at College Park was described as being, first what you’d obviously like to be foremost, “about his desire to legalize marijuana.”

Firstly, that statement was overly specific, as Ron Paul wants to end the war on drugs and legalize all drugs, not just pot. Now, if you were actually at that speech like I was, you would have noticed that maybe a total of 60 seconds of the speech was actually spent on discussing drugs, and half of that was Paul warning about the dangers of drugs, even prescription drugs. The mainstream media has tried so hard, just as you have done with your short statement, to typify Ron Paul supporters as a bunch of crazy, unintelligent slacktivists whose only concerns are getting high. I can understand the mainstream media doing so, as they have masses of pop-culture-obsessed sheeple to whom they must pander. The Towerlight, on the other hand, is a free publication, which means you can actually report real news without negative consequences!

Allow me to explain what Ron Paul’s campaign is really about. I’ll admit, there are probably people who support Ron Paul simply because they want to legally consume drugs, just as there are probably plenty of Newt Gingrich supporters who are just in it for the moon base or Obama supporters who just can’t go another four years without more wars and corporate bailouts. But this is not a campaign of one issue, or even the office. This is the beginning of an intellectual revolution—one that could result in a complete shift of the socio-political paradigm. Here is a man with a message that has millions of young people worldwide not just voting, but wanting to read, discuss and learn about the world in which they live. The Ron Paul Revolution isn’t about getting high, as you’d like your readers to believe. It’s about free minds, free markets and free men and women. Perhaps it would best be reported as such.

Your article also presented the scenario of Mitt Romney running against Barack Obama in the general election, which is really just tyranny running against tyranny with nice hair. In fact, the two are so alike I’d bet Romney would even pick Joe Biden as his running mate.
One student stated that they would prefer Obama in such a situation because of his “general success so far.” Now, I don’t know about you, but nearly $16 trillion of debt, more endless war and absolute disregard for basic civil rights don’t quite sound like any type of success to me. It was then said by that student that Obama would need two terms to get everything he wanted done. I completely agree on this point. It probably will take another term for President Obama to rob us of the rights we have left and to indefinitely detain all the political dissenters without due process. But hey, whether it’s Romney, Obama or Bush doesn’t really matter, as they’re all the same empty suit.

In endsay, The Towerlight needs to be more open to reporting on actual alternatives to our broken policies, because when you allow yourself to be trapped in the two-party system and left-right political paradigm and vote for the lesser of two evils, remember that you are still voting for evil. Nowadays, the two big choices are to vote for either a hammer or a power-drill to nail the coffin of your country shut. Let’s wake up, break free of that, and instead vote for the crowbar to pry the thing back open!

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