Tuesday, April 17, 2012

Penguin Takes A Nip At Newt

THE NEW CIVIL RIGHTS MOVEMENT | David Badash | April 16, 2012
A Magellanic penguin rumored to be a Ron Paul supporter took a nip at Newt Gingrich today while the Republican presidential candidate toured the St. Louis Zoo. No word on
where Calista was during the melee. Gingrich is attempting to revive a campaign that is in worse shape than the Magellanic penguins themselves — list as “near extinct” by wild life conservationists. The former Speaker of the House was in St. Louis to attend the held-week long NRA convention, but did not purchase a lifetime NRA membership for any family members, unlike his now-former opponent Rick Santorum.

The Huffington Post noted, “Zoo spokeswoman Susan Gallagher says a small bandage was all the medical care required.”

Hopefully Gingrich has medical insurance. Hopefully, the penguin does too.

And hopefully this will given Magellanic penguins some needed exposure. The Wildlife Conservation Society offers an easy way to donate to help save the near-extinct species of Magellanic penguins.

The WCS notes that the “biggest threats to the Magellanic penguin are commercial fishing, oil pollution, and climate change. In the 1980s, more than 40,000 penguins died in Argentina each year because of oil pollution.”

Perhaps this is just payback for Gingrich’s lies.

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