Monday, April 9, 2012

Morning Joe Discusses Ron Paul's Legacy

RON PAUL U.S.A. | April 9, 2012
Interesting discussion this morning about Ron Paul's campaign and his legacy.   This segment is not entirely positive by any means, especially the discussion on his ideas being "crazy" and "fringe".
Also, when are people going to wake up and stop calling his foreign policy "extreme isolationist".  It is "non-interventionist", get it right!  Misrepresenting the facts, which is what is going on here, is nothing more than propaganda by the media.

The truth is that Ron Paul will leave a legacy that may end up with him being considered as one of the greatest freedom fighters of his generation, and perhaps in the history of the United States.  Never in our lifetime have we seen our ideas gain this amount of traction.  We all know where our country is headed if we continue the status quo.  If Ron Paul and his supporters are eventually able to change this  path, we will literally have saved our country.  Now that's a legacy!

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