Sunday, April 29, 2012

Greater New Orleans Republicans Call For Resignation of Republican Party of Louisiana Leadership

The Greater New Orleans Republicans call for the resignation of the leadership of the Republican Party of Louisiana in response to the debacle of today’s caucus.

“We congratulate Ron Paul supporters for apparently capturing their first state delegation in this Presidential election cycle through an excellent get out the vote effort today,” stated GNOR Chairman Sarah Roy. “However, the result of this ill-conceived and confusing caucus clearly does not represent the will of the vast majority of Louisiana Republican voters as Ron Paul recently received only six percent of the vote in the Louisiana Presidential Primary.”

This odd and undemocratic result unfortunately will embarrass and distract Governor Jindal, as he labors to pass his Legislative agenda, and presumed Presidential nominee Mitt Romney, as he clinches the nomination and turns his attention to defeating President Barack Obama.

Several members of GNOR ran in the caucus, and GNOR, along with the Romney Campaign, attempted to motivate Republican voters to turn out. However, sparse and obscure voting locations, morning voting hours, scheduling during the Zurich Classic, Jazz Fest and Legislative Session, combined with setting the caucus so late in the Primary season that all major challengers to Mitt Romney had dropped out, made it all but impossible to offer voters a rationale to caucus.

Further, after Rick Santorum, who garnered the most votes in the Louisiana Primary, left the race, members of GNOR proposed a unity ticket, comprised of supporters of Santorum, Gingrich and Romney, allowing those who would support the eventual nominee to run as one. However, state party leaders, unwilling to share delegates with the Romney campaign, vetoed the approach.

Today’s debacle clearly lies at the feet of State Party leaders, who with combined arrogance and incompetence, ignored warnings that the Byzantine system they had conjured could be manipulated, ignored calls for unity and common sense, and instead caused the State of Louisiana, Governor Jindal and likely Republican nominee Mitt Romney embarrassment. They should own up to their misdeeds and resign.


  1. Romney beating Obama? Are you kidding me? The guy can't even debate or answer a straight question. The only one who can take on Obama and is educated on the issues is Ron Paul.

    There's no point in trying to replace Obama if the person you're pushing for is the same thing as Obama. Its as if people don't care how bad someone is, just as long as its not Obama in office. Romney would be a terrible president.

  2. Go ahead, resign GOP party "leaders"... I am sure there are Ron Paul Supporters, lovers of Liberty and Freedom, just waiting to fill those vacant seats. :) Viva la R3VOLUTION!

  3. ♥ Thanks all you good people of Louisiana ♥
    Now can you please fix the fraud in your electronic vote counting machines? 6% my arss...

  4. What a sore loser... Grow the hell up and admit defeat.... The people DON'T want Romney

  5. Ummmmm, it caused any established GOP embarrassment. Louisiana and the PEOPLE should be proud for overcoming the corrupt Primary that was over a month before.

    I love it how you are faulting the fact that Romney is "the presumptive nominee" LOL THATS YOUR OWN DAMN FAULT! You and the rest of the MSM have called him that against all warning signs that he was the most disliked republican candidate in history. The people now are having their voice. And now the papers and the establishment are pissed.

    Eat a dick and choke on it.

  6. Why is Romney even running? There is no way in HELL that flop-flopping empty headed soulless creating will EVER be the President of the United States. He's just wasting his and everyone else's time.

    If Ron Paul doesn't get the nomination, then Obama will win (FACT), and Rand Paul will become our next President in 2016.

    Either way, WINNING!!

  7. Looks like GNOR thought they could IGNORE Ron Paul and his supporters! Surprise!