Monday, April 16, 2012

The GOP Is Done Without Ron Paul

RON PAUL U.S.A. | April 16, 2012
The cartoons below are pretty much spot on for the GOP's prospects against Obama this fall. That is, unless they wake up quick and get behind Ron Paul.  The mention of
"President Paul", or Ron Paul becoming the GOP nominee, obviously gets supporters extremely fired up!  However, suggest for even a moment that Dr. Paul consider anything less, perhaps a VP selection, and you will be amazed that the wide-ranging and "passionate" responses you will get from both sides of the argument!

There is a huge contingency of Ron Paul supporters that are 100% "all or nothing" in their push for the presidency as part of the GOP.  Many feel that this is more about a cause than a man, and they are fiercely passionate about not selling-out by accepting a position on the GOP ticket.  This group is pushing hard for Dr. Paul to run as a 3rd party candidate, and would be willing to risk four more years of Obama for a shot at the big prize.

The other segment of supporters feels that the most important goal is to maximize influence and spread Dr. Paul's ideas across the globe by any reasonable means. They view the scenario of a Vice President Paul as a huge win for libertarian ideas and a chance to further grow the Revolution from a very powerful pulpit.  They are willing to compromise for taking Dr. Paul's ideas to the next level and a much wider audience.

In the end, both sides are on the same team and ultimately have the same goals.  We all want to live in a country where freedom is protected and the Constitution is cherished.  We want sound money, an end to all the needless wars, a small and humble government, and individual liberties! But how we get to that point is certainly a "hot button" issue!

So were do we stand on this issue?  Not so fast.  Let's here what you have to say about it first.  Sound off in the comments section and then we will follow up with our own feelings on the subject.  Fire away!


  1. Easy question.. 3rd Party!! No f-ing way I want Ron Paul to be 2nd on GOP ticket! Sink baby, sink!

  2. I just as soon watch the GOP go down in flames before I'd vote for a Romney/Paul ticket... or even a Paul/Romney ticket for that matter. When Paul becomes the nominee he must pick a like minded VP, someone like Andrew Napolitano otherwise Paul would have a huge target on his head.

  3. I might be alone on this board, but i would vote for Romney/Paul. I support Ron Paul 100%, and if he decides that the VP spot is in his best interest, I would support that decision.

  4. As much as I would like to see Ron Paul in a position at the White House, I wouldn't support a VP position to Romney. I think that would be too much compramise on his part and too much control over him by the establishment.

  5. NO ROMNEY....NO OBAMA.....RON PAUL and another Constitutionalist!!

  6. hell no, a lot of people don't realize that his policies mirror Obama's, if he gets elected nothing will change, but issues that don't matter, like abortion, and if the rumors are true, a lot of santorum supporters are now supporting Dr. Paul, so I think this might turn out pretty interesting, and might favor paul, but we will see

  7. Never!!! Why would Ron Paul pick someone as
    corrupt as Romney who pays people to vote
    for him

  8. @RonPaulUSA I think the better question is... would Paul or Romney support a Romney-Paul ticket?

  9. HELL NO!!! RON PAUL FOR PRESIDENT!!! Why talk about vp when Ron is still talking about being President!!

  10. That's a tough one. I loathe Romney but I would listen to what Dr Paul had to say on the situation. I'm a Republican but I think even Obama is better then Romney.

  11. Libertarian AmericanApril 16, 2012 at 5:55 PM

    Paul/Napolitano 2012!!

    There is NO WAY IN HELL that Obamney is ever getting my vote!

  12. Only Ron Paul can salvage the Republican Party. Why even talk about Romney? The polls show he cannot win against Obama but the same polls show that Ron Paul can.

  13. Mitt Romney and Rand Paul on the ticket is the only way to win. Mitt can draw mainstream Republicans, and Rand draws both the Tea Party (the bastardized form of our movement) and the REAL Tea Party (we, the Paultards). This brings the party together and MOVES IT IN OUR DIRECTION. This is Dr. Paul's goal all along. We have to come together to beat Obama.

  14. Absolutely not. Dr. Paul or nothing.

  15. No and I don't think he'd take it if offered anyway. The good Dr would never sell out like that.

  16. @RonPaulUSA hell no. It's Ron Paul or Ron Paul

  17. Don't win over the romney people by threats of 3rd party. A vast majority of us would go 3rd party before Romney, but make them believe Ron is good for the party.
    The so called establishment don't wonder how do we keep the wars going they wonder how do we keep the young people involved, show up in a tie get a haircut the day before. When they talk to a clean cut 30 year old with a tie within about 30 seconds they realize what they've heard about RP on fox might be just as much bs as the leftwing media.
    Be nice, hint around about how your mom won't vote for someone who was openly pro choice 7 years ago while having intimate conversations, find the button "my dad didn't like that Romney signed the assault weapons ban as gov and was going to vote for santorum but now I think Ron is the best chance to beat obama".
    If you convince someone the other party regulars are familiar with they will be like well I know Bill isn't a hippie pot smoker I've made thousands of phone calls for candidate x with him 8 years ago maybe Paul is the only chance we have.

  18. I'll be honest. I'd probably go along with whatever Ron Paul asked us to do. I think if Romney gets the nod and Paul is chosen as the VP, it would be better to have Ron Paul as a VP than not in office at all.
    I'm not saying I like Romney. I'd probably have to force myself to bubble in a ballot for Romney, but as I said, I'd do whatever Ron Paul would like us to do.

  19. if romney is on the ticket with Paul count me out. 3rd party ok

  20. The only combination I would support is a Paul/Romney ticket.. That's pretty much the only way that I can see anyone beating Obama.. An I believe we NEED to beat Obama..

  21. The Republican establishment is hostile to liberty candidates but the base isn't - except when that candidate is named Ron Paul. The base would have supported Paul if not for the massive anti-Paul effort by the establishment. In 2014 and 2016 the establishment will do its best to turn the base against liberty candidates. They will probably have a few successes, but for the most part we will win. Eventually we will be the establishment. Victory is almost inevitable. If Paul runs third party it would turn the base against liberty, and thus undermine our efforts to take over the Republican party.
    Ok but maybe it is worth it, right? How? What is the upside of a Paul 3rd party run? There isn't one. No one other than Paul's devoted supporters will even be aware of it. Obama will crush Paul in a landslide with or without Paul running 3rd party.
    Pretty much everyone who would vote for Paul on a third party ticket will vote for Johnson. If Johnson can get 10% some of the Republican base will wake up and say "hey maybe we should embrace these young people so we won't get beaten so badly".

  22. I would consider voting for a Romney/Paul ticket as I trust Ron's judgement. I'm quite certain he wouldn't acccept the position without getting public guarantees of things like a proper war declaration via Congress for military action, a true audit of the FED, etc.

    But with that said, I don't think the GOP Establishment Blue Bloods want to win the election bad enough to risk putting Paul in the position of taking over the presidency should Romney become incapacitated while in office. I think they'd rather see Obama be re-elected than let Paul get that close. We're better off getting Ron the nomination so he can choose his own VP.

  23. Romney will get slaughtered by Obama, if he is chosen as the nominee.

    For a whole host of reasons which I have put on my blog already
    Some of which are :-

    The polls do not take account of Gary Johnson running
    Romney is buying votes with greater campaign funds, Obama has not started spending his $500m to $1bn yet.
    Romney is not a good debater, Obama is
    Romney carries too much baggage and has a very poor record as Governor

    If GOP pick Romney, maybe GOP will fall apart due to the size of the loss and the loss of House seats.
    And can then be rebuilt from the bottom up and kick the neocons out.

    So there is a whole host of reasons not to do a deal with Romney, quite apart from the fact that he is the ideological enemy.

  24. I just don't understand this...IF Ron Paul decided it was the best way to pursue his ideals..then why not?

    All I hear on sites like this and the RPF is "I trust Ron Paul completely. He would never steer me wrong" but then you are saying "Even if he decided it was better to be SOMETHING than a retired Congressman, I would disagree with him!"

    So I guess you don't trust him quite as much as you claim. You only trust that he is right if he agrees with YOUR ideas. So you trust yourself, not him.

    I don't think he would ever accept the offer..but if he does...why wouldn't you trust that it is better than nothing?

    I have said it before and I will say it again..the WORST attitude in life is to have an "All or Nothing" philosophy. Because you will end up with nothing almost EVERY time.

    Imagine playing a slot machine and saying "I am not going to take any money for getting 2 cherries. It is Jackpot or nothing!" You will leave that casino dead broke. The SMART gamblers actually play the slot machine games that have smaller jackpots but better odds at smaller payouts. (Granted...smarter gamblers don't play slot machines but you know what I mean.)

  25. If it's Romney/Paul... I vote third party. If it's Paul/someone, I vote Paul.