Monday, March 5, 2012

Top 10 Reasons Not To Vote for Ron Paul


THE MARIETTA TIMES | Robert Huffman | March 5, 2012
Reasons not to vote for Ron Paul ... which one is yours?

1)  I'm happy with the status quo.

2)  Spending levels are where they should be.

3)  I prefer candidates that sing to me, flatter me and tell me what I want to hear.

4)  Adding trillions in spending and unfunded mandates is the way to kickstart our economy.

5)  I'm a tea party supporter ... but bailouts are sometimes necessary.

6)  I prefer candidates that had no idea a financial crisis was coming.

7)  I want more federal education involvement.

8)  I feel safer now that Iraq has a constitution, even if it's based on the Koran and Sharia law.

9)  I believe and support the Constitution, except the inconvenient or outdated parts.

10)  Everyone knows its the president's job to provide jobs.


  1. Listen...Ron Paul is a real nice guy. But here are the facts. He will never get elected. No politician should ever be trusted again including Ron Paul. Ignorance is believing that a single man (in politics) can change things for the better. Americans just want an easy out...a person who will save their lifestyle and eliminate any need for pain.

    Sorry to disappoint you, but this isn't go away unless a majority of americans get off the couch and are willing to sacrifice some time and energy to defeat it. That's the truth. You have time to watch sports, and wash your car, and take vacations, and to vegetate in front of the TV, and to go to the gym....yet you have little to no time to stand up for the blatant criminal activity displayed by our gov and major corporations.

    There are no saviors. Only you can save yourself and your family...and others.

    1. Of course Ron Paul is a great guy, also he CAN be elected but there's people like you who believe he can't. Also no one believes a single man can fix politics, but if we have a leader who can help turn the wheels of positive change then hell we can all work together to complete it. (Also may I let u know about this whole Global Protest going on, and the "Cyber War").

      Some Americans (such as myself) are awake from all the stuff that's happening, we all publicly call out our government of their tyranny towards the people. Everything just needs time, we cant expect everyone to notice reality in seconds. Currently too many people watch these propaganda media shows, who blatantly lie about what goes on in the world.

      What Ron Paul did was bring back the importance of talking about what the government should actually do for our people. People alone woke up from his speeches, conspiracy theorists praised this man, and this single man has a whole almost GLOBAL support thanks to social networks.

      (Not to mention other patriots who are not afraid to speak out, did the same thing), What we can do is continue to expose the government, expose the media, convert the sheep, and hope for the best.

      Soon enough we'll have the revolution we've been waiting for.