Saturday, March 3, 2012

Ron Paul wins Massachusetts straw poll with more than fifty percent


THE STATE COLUMN | March 3, 2012
Republican presidential candidate Ron Paul won a straw poll conducted by the Taunton Republican City Committee Thursday, according to a video of the event posted by the Daily Paul. Mr. Paul won the Massachusetts straw poll with more than fifty percent of the votes. Massachusetts is one of ten states that will hold an election on Super Tuesday. Mr. Paul will compete with his fellow Republican candidates for 41 delegates.

Mr. Paul garnered 51 percent of the votes to take first place in the Massachusetts straw poll. Former Massachusetts Governor Mitt Romney finished in second place with 38 percent of the votes. Former Pennsylvania Senator Rick Santorum pulled in 8 percent of the votes and former House Speaker Newt Gingrich brought in 3 percent of the votes.

Mr. Paul’s victory in the Taunton MA straw poll is one of many straw polls that the Texas congressman has won in the 2012 presidential race. While Mr. Paul’s straw poll victories have yet to lead to election victories for the former Air Force surgeon, his continued success in straw polls across the nation suggest that his candidacy is alive and well among a passionate and organized group of supporters.

With several days of campaigning to go before the Massachusetts Republican presidential primary, all eyes are on Saturday’s Washington Republican caucuses. Mr. Paul, who typically does well in states with caucuses, may win his first election if his supporters turnout in full force in the Evergreen State.

As evidenced by Mr. Paul’s recent straw poll victory, the Texas Republican’s supporters are well organized and willing to go the distance in order to support their candidate.

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