Friday, March 23, 2012

Ron Paul Spokesman: Campaign ‘Hoarding Cash’

NATIONAL JOURNAL | Matt Vasilogambros | March 23, 2012
The Ron Paul campaign is “hoarding cash” to make big play in California and Texas—and ready to go all the way to the convention, campaign manager Jesse Benton said on Friday.

Right now, the campaign is holding a “Give Me Liberty” money bomb campaign on its website, with the hopes of reaching eight figures this quarter—$10 million.

“We’re hoarding cash so we can go ahead and run hard in Texas and California,” Benton said on MSNBC.

Paul has been absent from much of the recent Republican presidential conversation. Thoughts that he might drop out and back rival Mitt Romney were heightened when Benton said last week, “We're looking potentially for Ron to be the vice presidential nominee. … We're not looking for easy concessions like a speaking slot.”

On Friday, Benton walked back on those comments and said that Paul has a “fighting chance” to win the Republican nomination. He said the campaign believes there are five states where Paul can win a plurality of votes from non-binding delegates: North Dakota, Iowa, Washington, Nevada and Alaska.

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