Wednesday, March 7, 2012

A Plea to Ron Paul Supporters


PREFACE:  As Ron Paul supporters, we are going to begin to hear this type of "plea" more and more from the GOP and even from some fellow supporters.  Mr. Osterman is suggesting that we "take one for the team" and vote Republican just to avoid more Obama.  What he does not understand is that we will NEVER make any progress by "giving in" and continuing the status quo.  Ron Paul's ideas are now more popular than at any other time in a generation!  We did not get to this point by laying down and playing nice.  We understand that this is a REVOLUTION, and the only hope for our country is the type of change that Ron Paul would bring to the Presidency.  Ron Paul or NO ONE! - Ron Paul U.S.A. 
INTERNATIONAL BUSINESS TIMES | Walt Osterman | March 7, 2012

Rumors are flying, and I'm certain they're based on fact, that Ron Paul supporters are going to sit out the general election.

Paul is my first choice, also. The man has intelligence, integrity, an intense love for the Constitution, a correct understanding of it, and a beautiful vision for America. I hope he will be the Republican standard-bearer in November.

That is probably not going to be the case. If those of us who support him sit the election out, Obama wins. The president will capture the vast majority of the black votes, gay and lesbian votes, Muslim votes, metropolitan votes, welfare recipients' votes, Social Security recipients' votes, female votes, unemployed folks' votes, and votes from nearly everyone whose IQ doesn't reach 100.

Sitting out the election guarantees Obama II.

Speaker Nancy Pelosi wanted Obamacare to pass so we could all find out what was in the bill. Isn't that sweet? After November's election, barring a correct Supreme Court decision, all Americans (especially successful, productive, working ones) are going to feel the shackles tighten as all of those clandestine details come into the light.

An Obama win also means a Democrat Congress. In that case, Obamacare grows stronger. We'll also have a president who has nothing to lose. He'll be empowered, and America will sink deeper into the disease of socialism. Heaven forbid.

Can we talk?

We Republicans are in the minority. We need every vote we can get. Having a bunch of spoiled children in the party who want their way, or who won't play, sickens me.

Hundreds of thousands of brave American military folks have given their lives so that you have the privilege to choose between the worse president we've ever had sit in the Oval Office and the Republican candidate.

If you want the perfect candidate, you have a long wait. Immaculate politics aren't going to happen on this planet. Suck it up and vote for the better of the two candidates.

That's a pretty easy call this November (unless it's Romney vs. Obama). Santorum is my second choice, by the way, and I've lived long enough to see, over and over and over again, that party splits result in that party's defeat.

Wake up and smell the coffee. Here is a trite expression that's very true: If you keep getting up from the canvas, after they've hit you with their best punch, you're not going to lose. You may not have won this round, but there'll be several more. Please don't quit.

Walt Osterman is the author of "Not Home Yet: A Tale Concerning Israel's Rebirth." He served in Vietnam and is a Bronze Star recipient. He lives in Wyoming.


  1. "If you want the perfect candidate, you have a long wait. Immaculate politics aren't going to happen on this planet. Suck it up and vote for the better of the two candidates."
    To make a statement like that, I highly doubt you were ever a true Ron Paul supporter. There is not such thing as the better of 2 candidates if Ron Paul is not on the ticket! It's either Ron Paul on the ticket or we will write him in. That's all! That is our only choice! This lesser of 2 evils crap stops this election cycle and we will see if the GOP adapts or dies.

  2. He's got it the wrong way around! If they get behin Ron Paul then we can talk!!

  3. Ron Paul has already captured the majority of disgruntled democrats, Independents, the black votes, gay and lesbian votes, Muslim votes, metropolitan votes, ans is not doing to shabby with the young and elderly Republicans. As I see it Ron Paul is the only candidate that has enough public support to beat Obama in the national election. It seems that the only people that he hasn't gotten on his side is the elite wall street GOP back room deal cutters. Why is this? Because he's to honest. He can't be bought off or frightened off. And that isn't how the GOP plays ball. So if anyone should be thinking about taking one for the team it should be the back room dealing GOP scum bags. They should count the ill gotten booty they have already acquired and cut their future losses. Nominate Ron Paul and have the GOP win the election, or sit back shut up and watch Obama get re-elected! It's all up to the GOP!

  4. Ron Paul will not compromise on his principles and neither will I. Ron Paul is the ONLY GOP candidate who even has a chance of appealing to mainstream Americans. If the GOP in their arrogance and ignorance think that denying Ron Paul the nomination will secure the election of any of the three stooges they are sadly mistaken. It will be the end of the GOP as we know it. I know that I speak for most of the other Ron Paul supporters that no amount of coddling and cajoling from the GOP will change our minds. We know what is right. We know who will restore the Constitution and who is intent on destroying it. We know the TRUTH. Once you do the fairytale BS is over. If Ron Paul does not get nominated we know for a fact that this country will fall apart. It is just a matter of time. We will go to war with Iran, which will cause China and Russia to defend them, starting WWIII. The monetary system will collapse. There will be Martial Law. The NDAA will justify the imprisonment of huge numbers of citizens. The others will live in fear of the same treatment. Eventually the downtrodden will revolt. There will be much bloodshed. Eventually they will prevail as oppression can never last and once the evil is rooted out hopefully a new America will emerge from the ashes. That is if some other country doesn't come in and defeat us while we are weak and annex our land. We may end up as the new China. If that happens I hope that the GOP is proud of what they have done. I hope it is worth it to them. Knowing what is at stake tell me again who you think needs to compromise? It's not the Ron Paul supporters, that is for sure!

  5. Trust me, I will NOT quit. Quitting would mean caving as you have suggested we do.


    Flat. Out. NO.

    Narova's post above says it all. It's the GOP's move now. We've made ours.

    So put THAT in your "let's all get along" peace-pipe and smoke it.

  6. Anyone who will not vote for the person that they know will be the best president for the country and will go along with the crowd just because they want to vote for a winner is just plain stupid. I have been voting for about 50 years now and have had to vote for the lesser of 2 evils most of the time. Last time around I wrote in the name of someone that I considered a good man who would be a great president, RON PAUL. If he is not the Republican nominee this time I will write his name in again. The Republican Elite can start listening to the people and quit manipulating the media into thinking that someone can't win just because they know he is too honest and good to let all the same old stuff go on in Washington, or they can be on the loosing side again as far as I'm concerned. They dont' listen to reason so why should we listen to them and vote for someone who will useless as far as making any real change. I'm old (not all of Ron Paul's supporters are young) so don't tell me what to do. I will vote for no one but RON PAUL.

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  8. Walt Osterman is a phoney. Who is he trying to kid? He is no more a Ron Paul supporter than Rick Santorum. I have been waiting for this article for some time. The Republican establishment will now be sucking up to the Ron Paul supporters asking for their help. The establishment - for all of their power - are not too bright. And unlike most reasonable people - they don't seem to learn from their previous mistakes - ala Bob Dole and McCain. Sorry Walt - I will be voting for Ron Paul - you vote for your man.

  9. Yep I'm 30 years old now and I have voted for Republicans in every election since I have been able to vote. NO I will not vote for anyone other than Paul, because the real fact of the matter is that if anyone other than Paul gets the nomination then Obama II is guarenteed whether it's Obama or Romney.....all candidates other than Paul take us down the road of the status quo....I am finished with the status quo. I stand on principle now, and principle dictates that there are some things worse than Obama getting into the White House again, and disenfranchisment is one of those things. I will be represented or I will keep my vote in my back pocket. End of story. PS - I cannot see how any Ron Paul supporter would ever see Santorum as a second pick, he's a nutjob that would see the US under theocratic thanks!