Wednesday, March 14, 2012

George H. W. Bush Says 3rd Party Guarantees Obama's Reelection

Former President George H.W. Bush knows about third parties. Most pundits and pros think that Ross Perot’s independent effort in 1992 helped Bill Clinton, with just 43 percent of the popular vote, beat the 41st president.

With talk that Ron Paul and others might be looking at a third party try, Bush is telling allies that it would kill the GOP’s chance of retaking the White House. “He said the election would be over,” according to former Rep. Lou Frey, R-Fla., a Bush friend and former House colleague who visited with the former president two weeks ago.

Frey and others met with Bush in Houston two weeks ago to present him with a lifetime achievement award from the United States Association of Former Members of Congress. He said that while talking about putting a Republican in the Oval Office in a three way-race, Bush added, “you could forget about it.”

Bush hasn’t endorsed, but former first lady Barbara Bush has made robo-calls for Mitt Romney in Ohio and Vermont.

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