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Establishment, Website Disqualifying Ron Paul Delegates?

EXAMINER | Jeffrey Phelps | March 22, 2012
Maybe it would be better stated, Ron Paul Delegates are potentially, unwittingly disqualifying themselves from being legal delegates if they sign up with a website the "mainstream" media has been pushing lately, “Americans Elect.”

Rumor currently has it that it may be a conflict of interest to sign up with Americans Elect AND be a delegate. It may be against the rules and your position as a delegate could be discredited if you are participating in this website and its owner’s and media’s “third party” agenda.

Researchers have also discovered the company’s chief legal counsel has represented Mitt Romney in the past and the entity is also headed by CFR members and other known infamous, globalist individuals and organizations.

Now they, including “mainstream” sources like MSNBC, are encouraging people to sign up for Americans Elect, and considering the sources, it may be wise to consider rethinking that strategy.

In fact, being as this site and its founders are interested in making this site’s “unofficial” caucus a legal one, now that they may have actually gotten ballot access in Oregon, it may be a good idea for Ron Paul supporters to avoid the site completely until more is known.

Although it is still unclear as to the actual effects registering with Americans Elect (dot com) has on anyone’s specific legal delegacy qualifications, or if it may be a situation that requires looking into on a state by state basis, some very interesting facts have emerged with regard to the fairly new organization in question.

Simply stated, the establishment elite will stop at nothing to find a way to capsize the Ron Paul 2012 campaign.

Any angle, any statistic, any video clip, any sound bite, and/or any other potentially negative piece of information is cherry picked with exhaustive examination, scouring every possible source or example of anything they can find to throw out as a reason to back a pro-establishment candidate, instead of Ron Paul, the likely front-runner.

The media has even stooped so low as to demonize random Ron Paul supporters, as if he had anything to do with anything a supporter says or does…and that’s real reporting?

The attempts have been unrelenting, with total media complicity, and thus far age, distance from the status-quo, ridiculous “dangerous” and other foreign policy claims, and very weak racism charges are just about all they’ve been able to come up with…and quite frankly, to not much avail.

Despite these attempts, support is bursting at the seams and the crowds are growing increasingly larger with each campaign event.

While the other candidates are barely able to fill grade-school auditoriums generally, Ron Paul is now attracting crowds as large as 5,000 people and larger.

The “mainstream” anti-Paul rhetoric has died down some relatively recently, and they may be on the verge of having to come right out and tell everyone that “Ron Paul will simply not get the nomination, regardless of what the people request!”

Pretending he’s only getting 5% of the vote in some of the primary states is not cutting it with the American people any longer.

Despite their attempts to demonize his campaign, it’s supporters, and the actual success and popularity the Ron Paul 2012 run is truly having, openly stealing caucuses, rigging the primaries, and being disingenuous about it all in their media is just about all they’ve been able to do to derail the true front-runner thus far.

Now however, a new strategy may be unfolding.

Being as the establishment is starting to realize Ron Paul, thanks to a brilliant campaign strategy, is actually winning the majority of the “unbound” delegates yet to be elected in their perspective states…Colorado, Iowa, Nevada, Maine, Missouri, etc., they may have realized that somehow finding a way to disqualify those delegates might be their only way out...their only chance of winning a pro-establishment Republican candidacy, come ‘likely’ brokered-convention.

After all, many counties around the country have blatantly broken party rules and literal election laws attempting to prevent Ron Paul delegates from being elected to state conventions over the past couple weeks.

The problem the establishment is having with the overall scenario is that all those delegates, even the ones who’ve initially backed another candidate, have the opportunity to go with any candidate they so choose when they finally get to the convention in Aug. Any current backing in a caucus state is still only verbal, until then.

This scares the powers that be because they realize the typical Ron Paul delegate is not going to decide to change their position down the road, pulling a Romney-style, flip-flop and switch to another candidate in Tampa.

And thus far, Ron Paul is winning the majority of the ‘verbally’ declared delegate seats that have been elected in county conventions across the country. These hoards of Ron Paul supporters are now going to take their legally elected positions to state conventions to elect each other to the National Convention in August.

What the establishment media won’t tell you is that people who back Ron Paul are people with a different perspective on the media and a way of viewing the establishment and the powers that be, something that isn’t likely to change very easily.

It’s far more likely people would switch from another candidate to Paul, and that usually takes “an awakening” of sorts that people are not likely to sleep on any time soon, should they experience that awakening.

The main reason being, that awakening almost always entails also realizing the media and their ultra-pro-establishment controllers have been lying about the race and Ron Paul the entire time.

From there, people usually start realizing many other things and hence the reason people are not easily going to be backing a candidate the media pushes as “front-runners” any time soon.

The only true way to get one over on Ron Paul’s strategy to win the delegates now would be to find a way to disqualify those delegates, whether that be legally or otherwise, but neither being out of the question if history and recent experience have anything to say about it.

Since the news surfaced on the internet, a couple days ago, that registering with the Americans Elect site may harm your chances of being a delegate, their Official Facebook page lost almost 150,000 subscribers in just over 48 hours, down from 600k to around 450k Tuesday.

All Ron Paul supporters should seriously reconsider their support for the site altogether. Do your homework before you blindly support anyone or anything from now on…it’s truly a jungle out there.

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  1. Well, that's just great. I just posted an invite to all my friends to go there and get involved. I'm a delegate there, myself. I will post this article post haste. Of course,I'm not a Ron Paul delegate anywhere else, so maybe it's not a danger to him for me to stay there in support of drafting him as a candidate. I did vote for him in the Colorado Republican Caucus but didn't volunteer to be a delegate. I only donate to his campaign directly at his website, not to the "Party" or at americanselect. Very provocative article, glad I found you. Chuck