Thursday, March 8, 2012

Did Alaska GOP cheat Ron Paul out of a win in Alaska?

TODAY'S LOSER | March 8, 2012
Of all the states up for grabs on Super Tuesday Ron Paul was thought to be the favorite in Alaska. Sarah Palin even commented on CNN that she thought the Texas Congressman would do well and was the man to beat. But after Mitt Romney came out on top people were scratching their heads wondering what happened.

But according to Paul’s Alaska campaign chief Evan Cutler in the Alaska dispatch something wasn’t right and from the looks of it the party didn’t want Paul to do well.

“People were turned away at the polls that were registered to vote due to confusion among the poll volunteers. Voter registration databases were outdated younger voters, voters of a certain demographic were turned away” and that the campaign had conducted exit polling across the state and that numbers reported by the state party leaders “didn’t jibe.”

Cutler even called out Alaska GOP Chairman Randy Ruedrich for trying to rig the election for Romney.

“There were some other complaints about the process in your own district. According to the reports I received, when the District Convention convened there were 7 delegates in your cohort and 7 in the Ron Paul one. Instead of letting people vote then, I was told you instead called supporters from your side one by one until you had enough people on the Romney side on the phone to take all the delegate slots. …

There have been rumors that the establishment and those in power have tried to keep Paul down and marginalize his supporters but if this is true it’s sad where the winner is already chosen before the people go to the polls.


  1. Algorithmic vote switching. Paul is not being permitted to win.

  2. The establishment GOP is dead. cheating isn't going to make the establishment viable for very long. I am one of the disenfranchised republicans that no longer is in agreement with the establishment platform. I am hoping that the liberty and small government movement that Ron Paul supports eventually unseats the liberal neocon establishment republicans. They are even worst that the most progressive liberals on the DEM side. I just hope that people wake up and see what is happening fairly soon. both NeoCons and Liberals are driving this country into a fascist state quite quickly.

  3. The Republican Party would rather have Obama win than Ron Paul. Cutting the Federal Government down to its Constituional size is anathema to the party. And how about the media? The media would be faced with covering politics from the State capitals? I love Ron Paul.

  4. GOP would rather scuttle itself than surrender to Paul? Ok, then.

    1. No..they would rather have the nominee be someone that over half their voters supported rather than a humiliating 10+%.

      They don't want to getsewpt in the Electoral College like will happen if Ron Paul were the nominee. Ron Paul HIMSELF said today...he is not going to win.

  5. What a JOKE...Ron Paul was NOT thought to be the favorite in Alaska by ANYONE with a brain. You are confusing "Ron Paul won't be humiliated by quite as much" as "Ron Paul is the favorite"