Monday, February 6, 2012

Why Young People Like Ron Paul

ANNENBERG DIGITAL NEWS | Ryan Shaw | February 6, 2012
Most people weren’t alive to see the fruits (and the pains) of the economic system Texas Rep. Ron Paul wants to revive. His ideas are old school; some would call them arcane. So why do so many young people flock in droves to support the 76-year-old lawmaker? It's simple: the policies prevalent under George Bush. People are tired of the wars and government meddling into private affairs.

My generation came of age during a time of war. I was 11-years-old on 9/11. Since then, we’ve been involved in constant wars. Frankly, we’re tired of it. In fact, young people were so fed up that they backed Obama in 2008 in the hope that they would see real change. Unfortunately, Obama’s promises went unfulfilled. Ron Paul, however, says he would end wars immediately. That's an attractive proposition for young adults that haven’t seen peacetime for years.

In a nutshell, Paul's foreign policy focuses on "our own problems" instead of other nations. He wants to end foreign aid and stop "policing the world." He says we should worry about our own problems here at home instead of worrying about everyone else’s problems. Young people generally prefer peace to war.

The American people have lost their faith in their government. Faith in Congress is at an all-time low of 9 percent. To put that in perspective, more people support the U.S. going communist than approve of the job Congress is doing. Obviously, pessimism directed toward the government is at an unprecedented level. Ron Paul speaks to this pessimism when he talks about less government intervention. The national debt is exploding and it is young people that will have to foot the future bill. It is the young people that are the most concerned about the bills they will have to pay. Ron Paul speaks to this concern when he talks about cutting 1 trillion out of the budget in the first year.

Ron Paul seems genuine and he’s consistent. With this all-time distrust in government officials, Ron Paul stands out with his consistency and sincerity. He is one of the few politicians that seem to actually have convictions, and he seems like he would actually follow through with his ideas. Don’t take my word for it, check out this article on a body language expert confirming that Ron Paul is genuine. This sincerity resonates with people, especially young people.

While Ron Paul won’t win the Republican nomination, he will continue to have an impact and should not be disregarded.

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  1. I am a Ron Paul supporter. This election season, no candidate will get my vote for the Office of President of the United States of America except for Ron Paul. There will be no exceptions. If he does not win the nomination, I will write his name on the ballot.

    No amount of slick talking, flip-flopping, wooing, cajoling, threatening, or condescending will persuade me to vote for any other contender for that office.

    You don't want to admit it, but you know that the Republican Party cannot beat Obama without me, a Ron Paul supporter. It's long past time you admit it.

    You and I have conflicting goals. I will only cast a vote for liberty, for peace, for small government, for fiscal sanity and respect for the Constitution of the United States and adherence to the oath of office of the Presidency. You however are content merely to vote for whatever Republican the GOP leadership and the media approve of.

    I will not move. I cannot be persuaded. You cannot win without me.

    I am not here to convince you that Ron Paul's positions are superior. I am not here to convince you that his foreign policy is in line with traditional conservatism. I am not here to convince you that his understanding of economics puts everyone else in Washington to shame. I am not even here to convince you that the positions of the other candidates are essentially identical to Obama's.

    No, I don't need to do any of that. I only need to tell you that without me, you have lost. If you do not vote for Ron Paul in your Primary or Caucus, you are already defeated. If you fail to nominate Ron Paul to be the Republican candidate for President, Barack Hussein Obama will serve a second term.

    This is not blackmail. This is not a threat. This is a simple statement of fact.

    I stand firm and I will not accept anything less. You have been warned.

    Alden Wayne Dumas / Colorado