Wednesday, February 22, 2012

New Poll Shows Ron Paul and Mitt Romney Tied for 2nd in Wisconsin


THE STATE COLUMN | February 22, 2012
Republican presidential candidate Ron Paul has tied former Massachusetts Governor Mitt Romney for second place in a Marquette University Law School poll of likely voters in the Wisconsin Republican presidential primary.

Mr. Paul garnered 17 percent of the votes in the Wisconsin poll and Mr. Romney pulled in 18 percent of the votes. Former Pennsylvania Senator Rick Santorum finished in first with 34 percent of the votes. Former House Speaker Newt Gingrich, whose campaign is struggling to regain momentum, earned 12 percent of the votes.

Although Mr. Santorum has a double-digit lead over his competitors, Mr. Paul and Mr. Romney still have time to increase their support among Badger State voters. The Wisconsin poll reveals that 17 percent of Republican voters are undecided.

Regardless of his position in the polls, Mr. Paul has a large network of grassroots supporters to fund his campaign. His grassroots network donated $4.5 million in January and millions more in February.

The success of Mr. Paul’s latest money bomb, the “No One But Paul” money bomb, is growing evidence that the Texas congressman does not need to win elections to sustain his campaign. The “No One But Paul” money bomb pulled in more than $2 million.

Mr. Romney also has no problem hauling in cash. The Bain Capital co-founder brought in $6.5 million in January, according to Bloomberg. While Mr. Gingrich and Mr. Santorum also pulled in sizable sums last month, their donation streams have been based off their momentum, which has fluctuated throughout the 2012 presidential race.

With Super Tuesday and elections in Arizona and Michigan scheduled to take place in the coming days, Mr. Paul and Mr. Romney have not spent much time in Wisconsin. The Wisconsin Republican presidential primary will take place on April 3rd, along with elections in Washington D.C., Maryland, Mississippi and Texas.

The Marquette University Law School poll of 424 likely voters in the Wisconsin Republican presidential primary was conducted from February 16th through February 19th.

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